Workout Week 28.04–4.05.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.


On Monday I had so many great emotions that I made a whole blog post. You can read it here. To sum up: I ran 16K!!!

Tuesday was a rest day after the 16K. My leg hurt even more. 😦 My ankle was painful, so was most of my left leg from my ankle to knee. Not good… I went foam rolling. Oh my god, this doesn’t get any easier. It was so painful. Hopefully it helped my recovery process. 

My motivational jar from müüü.ee

Wednesday was a miserable day for me. I got a C (on an A–F scale) for an important exam that I had studied and worked for very hard. Now my diploma cum laude is in serious danger… 😦 I guess I don’t even have to explain more how bad I felt that day. I relieved my stress and sadness in training. 

First, I had Jooks Jõud Venitus. Since most of us ran 16/10K on Monday in Elva, it was time to take it easier. We ran to Raadi manor park, did around 20 minutes of running exercises, ran back and worked on core muscles. Without the running exercises: 5,91K, average pace of 6:33 min per km. 

I started to realise how serious this injury I have could become when Maris told me about her past injuries and surgery. After running for 25 minutes, we stopped to stretch and do exercises. The moment I stopped, my ankle was so painful it was hard to walk, not to mention run. I took everything really light that day, my only goal was not to hurt myself too much. 

But my whole world started to crumble a little that day. I was so happy on Monday and by Wednesday night, I was sad as hell. Failing (= anything besides an A) at school and not being able to do what I love aka run without pain. It’s like the moment I acknowledge that I’m actually happy, the world just (excuse my language) sh*ts all over that.

After running I went to BodyPump. It was Walpurgis Night (= everyone partying) and the usually fully booked class was half empty. I mostly used my regular weights but for lunges I only held some 3 kg dumbbells in my hands since I didn’t want to put too much pressure on my calves and ankles. It was a good workout.

All in total I spent roughly 3 hours in gym clothes that day. But I still couldn’t get my mind off that C…

Thursday: 2nd rest day this week. My leg still hurt. I went for an hour long walk with my dog (wearing compression socks) and I LIMPED back home for the last kilometre. Things were serious! 😦 Then I cooled my swollen leg in ice-cold water, wore compression stockings around the house, tried to elevate legs as much as possible etc. I needed to recover! I ended the evening with a short foam rolling session.

I was supposed to have Zumba with my best friend on Friday but my ankle was in no condition to do that. I cycled there, chatted with my friend for 30 minutes and then cycled back. Cycling (about 33K, 1 hour 40 minutes) didn’t hurt my leg, I was so happy about that! There is still some hope. 🙂 However, walking my dog for 30 minutes did still hurt… 

Saturday was supposed to be a running day (14K according to my training plan). I didn’t even think about running, it was clear that I couldn’t. If I want to race 10K next Sunday, I need to recover and be smart about things. I went cycling instead. Beautiful weather, amazing scenery. 1 hour and 45 minutes and around 32K.

On Sunday I hopped on my bike, cycled to the city (roughly 7K), swam for an hour (2000 metres) and then cycled back. Swimming was pretty good, the first 100 m my ankle felt a bit weird but that feeling went away quickly. I did 250 m of breaststroke, 1000 m of front crawl, 250 m of breaststroke and then 500 m of backstroke. I was going a little slower than my usual speed but since I was subconscious about my leg, that’s OK. Later on I also made walk with my dog and my ankle was almost pain-free. 🙂


In total:

2 hours 50 minutes running

2 hours 30 minutes of walking

4 hours 10 minutes of cycling

1 hour 30 minutes of strength training

1 hour of swimming

1 hour 30 minutes of foam rolling


Heart rate is not accurate and calculated automatically by the program

To sum up: I’m not happy with that week at all. The week started so great but everything just rolled downhill from there. Right now I’ve almost gotten my positive outlook back but I’m still really worried and anxious. I need to run a 10K race in just 7 days. One week. How is this going to happen for me? 2 days ago even walking for more than a kilometre hurt a little. I was better today but still…

I sincerely hope things will get better. Right now I’m not even sure what to do tomorrow… I have booked a running workout but I won’t be able to run intervals like everyone else. Go and jog? Skip it? Do something else? I don’t know. I just don’t know how to play this situation smart.

Advice is very much appreciated and welcomed.


2 kommentaari “Workout Week 28.04–4.05.2014

  1. Mul sama jama- pahkluu ja kand valutavad juba 1,5 kuud ning mina olen kirjas 23 km jooksule nädala pärast.. ei tea samuti, kas minna üldse starti või ei… :/
    Aga soovitan kinesioteipimist, see võib aidata!


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