Workout Week 12.–18.05.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.


Monday started off great: I got an A for my last very important exam. This means I have still a chance to graduate cum laude if I get an A on my bachelor’s thesis. With my mood still sky-high, I went to BodyPump. Before the class I did 30 minutes of cycling to warm-up. I felt a little tiny bit of tension (but no pain) in the lower part of my left calf near my recovering ankle. I decided to play it safe and replace all lunges with squats just in case. The BP class itself was pretty good in general. I also bought a new foam roller since my old one completely broke after 1,5 months. OMG. The new roller is really hard and it hurt so much to roll my thighs. But I know that it will do me only good.

Tuesday was officially rest day since I needed to take one day off (either Monday or Tuesday) after racing last Sunday. I just took a foam rolling class at my fitness club. 

Wednesday: back in Jooks Jõud Venitus! So happy about that. 🙂 It was a lovely workout: we ran outside for about 45 minutes and then foam rolled. A really relaxing recovery workout, nothing hard or intense and no strength training because most of us raced last weekend and needed some rest. I just loved it: nice weather, great people, just chatting and running in a slow pace. I felt well rested from two easy workout days and was ready to give it my all in Thursday’s BodyPump. Ankle report: a tiny bit of tension while running but absolutely no pain.

Thursday was a crazy day: I had so much energy I wanted jump through the roof. 😀 First I did 30 minutes of cycling, then a BodyPump class (increased squat and chest weights), then went home and walked the dog, foam rolled and still had so much energy I could’ve run a marathon or something. It was really funny how energetic I was. I think a little bit of sugar (few squares of dark chocolate & a muffin) and two easy workout days before had something to do with it. 😀

Friday was the most active day this week, burning in total around 1300 kcal. First I cycled to the city to go swimming: 500 m breaststroke, 1000 m front crawl and 100 m backstroke for cooldown. Then I cycled back home, walked the dog. Did other errands and some work and then walked to the other city to get my road bike. Yes, you read that right: I got my road bike! 🙂 An early graduation present from my family. Then I cycled home. This bike is so smooth and fast compared to my old bike. Love it! Ended the night with foam rolling as always.

My new bike: Scott Speedster Contessa 45

Saturday: running day! A short 47 minute run, around 7,6K and average pace of 6:09 min per km, so actually pretty fast for me. The weather was gorgeous and I was out all day long. My face even got a little burnt by the sun. My body was a little sore from the previous days so it was good to rest more.

Sunday was the day to properly try out my first road bike. The day before was a total carb-fest (lots of bread & cake…), so it was good to put these carbs into use. I cycled on the Saka-Ontika-Toila limestone cliff and the views there are just simply breathtaking. All in total: 2 hours and 5 minutes, 51 kilometres. My longest bikeride and my legs actually didn’t get that tired, my hands were the worst. And now I have my top all tanned on my shoulders. 😀

I already know I’m so going to enjoy the views of Ida-Virumaa on my bike all summer long. Can’t wait! 


In total:

4 hours of foam rolling

4 hours of cycling

2 hours 50 minutes of walking

2 hours 15 minutes of BodyPump

1 hour 30 minutes of running

45 minutes of swimming 


When last week was about recovering, this week was about slowly returning to running. I originally really wanted to do a longer run on Saturday but since Maris advised me to only do an easier and shorter run, I followed that recommendation. Just because my ankle doesn’t hurt right now, doesn’t mean it’s all recovered. I can’t just start running 35+ km a week like I did before the injury. I have to take things slow to return to running and stay injury free in the long perspective

I know I can run the half-marathon in 4 weeks. It’s my first 21,1K so the time and pace won’t matter. It’s all about completing the track and getting across the finish line. Of course I have some time goals in mind but I have stay realistic and not forget the long perspective (= it’s not my only race this season or in my life). I feel like I’m ready. Luckily I got to run the 16K in Elva before the worst times began with the injury. The 16K there proved me that my body and mind are ready. I even enjoyed the run although my foot hurt like hell! I’m not sure if I can run any longer distances before the race on the 15th of June but if I don’t, at least I have the 16K experience under my belt. But it would be nice to do at least one 14–17 km run…

We’ll see how things go. Take one day at a time and don’t worry too much.

Oh, today’s bike ride gave a crazy, insane idea. Tartu Rattaralli 70K 2 weeks before my half-marathon. Should I do it? I kind of want to… But would it be wise? I doubt that. I’m the most afraid about falling in a crowded start and getting hurt before my 21,1K and graduation. I’m going to have to think about it.

Narva Energy Run: in less than a month. Tartu Olümpiajooks: in less than a week.

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  1. Hakka ometi nüüd eesti keeles kirjutama – ka küsitlus ju näitab, et enamus tahaksid emakeeles lugeda Su blogi. Hea meelega loeks, aga jube tüütu on kogu aeg peas “ümber tõlkida”. Seetõttu jääb ka päris palju, just eriti pikemaid postitusi lugemata. No offence.


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