Workout Week 2.–8.12.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday: BodyPump. Maris changed up the back track and it really killed my back! The abs track was also different, without any weights this time. She also encouraged me to increase weights by 1+1 kg in the last set in chest track. I didn’t die and got a good chest workout instead. She is such an awesome instructor, can’t say enough good words about her! I also did lunges with 6+6 kg, that’s 1+1 kg added. Progress, baby, progress! 🙂

Tuesday: strip aerobics. We had a new routine which had this strange move on the floor. For a couple of days I had blue marks on my knees, legs and hips from this move, plus I got some scratches from rubbing my feet against the rubbery floor. Not fun! I hate the routines where you have to get on the floor for those reasons 😦

Wednesday: Aeroburn Step. Since I had to revise for my exam, I couldn’t go to evening training. So I went to Aeroburn Step, instructed by my BodyPump instructor Maris. I did the basic moves and didn’t add in all the turns. I actually got a far better workout because I kept moving at all times and didn’t stress about memorizing a difficult routine. At the end of the class Maris told the class to look at me for the basic routine (I was in the front) while she did the more advanced version. I felt a little bit like a superstar although it wasn’t a big deal. 😀

Thursday: BodyPump after my exam (that went pretty well I guess). It was though since my legs were sore from the day before. The lunges really killed it this time. The last time doing program 87? I think so.

Friday morning. I fit into my motivation shorts. Longer story on my Instagram and Facebook.
Friday morning. I fit into my motivation shorts. Longer story on my Instagram and Facebook.

Friday: running and walking. Friday was supposed to be Zumba day with my friend but she sadly got injured and had to cancel our class. I went running instead. There was snow, ice, wind, no wind, clouds, snowflakes falling, sun – literally everything. Some of it I ran in 5–10 centimetre snow (doesn’t seem a lot but it difficult!), some on tarmac with the cars (also not good). At first it was really difficult but I got a hang of how to balance myself and actually enjoyed my slow (8:27 min per km) 7K in the snow. After running went for a walk with my dog.


Saturday: running and walking. In the morning got on the scales first and then measured myself. The scales haven’t dropped much but the measurements are going DOWN! YES! The went for a run in snow. The sun was rising, it was quiet and so nice. Loved it. Average pace: 7:35 min per km – not too slow, not too fast. Distance: 6,63 km. Then walked my dog. I love spending time with him, he is so cute 🙂

Sunday: swimming and walking. I swam 5 sets in 45 minutes, one set consisted of 100 metres of breaststroke, 100 metres of backstroke and 100 metres of front crawl. In the evening I went for a longer walk with my dog. It was really pretty and snowing.



In total:

2 hours of BodyPump

2 hours of walking

1 hour 50 minutes of running

1 hour of aerobics

1 hour of dancing

45 minutes of swimming


In general a really good week for me.

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