Body analysis results: still a LONG way to go

Yesterday I wrote on my blog’s FaceBook page that I’ll be doing something exciting this morning when it comes to weightloss. The exciting thing was a body analysis test. 

tervisliku elustiili klubiI found out there was an option to get it done for FREE in Tartu (by Tervisliku Elustiili Klubi) some time ago and finally decided it was time to take it again. Ofcourse when it’s free, there has to be a catch. The catch is that you’ll hear some Herbalife advertising. But the guy taking the test was actually nice: he understood that I have my own nutrition plan and didn’t start pushing anything. So if you don’t mind a little advertising, I would recommend taking the test there. He even told me I can come back in some time and get it done again if I want to and that he is interested in finding out when I reach my goals. That was nice 🙂

I took my first ever body analysis test at Narva Energy Run exactly 4 months ago. I have to tell you: I was beyond shocked when I got the results. But the results from August aren’t that reliable: at the run they didn’t have a steady floor to put the machine on and the people there told us that the results are not that accurate for that reason. 

This time we had a normal surface for the machine but do take into consideration that the results are from 2 different analysis machines. So you can’t compare them 100%. As much as I have researched, these body analysis / body composition machines tend to be pretty inaccurate. People who have them at home have tested themselves a few times with 5 minute intervals and gotten results varying even by 10% (a lot!). But still: I can get an overall picture.

The machine I was weighed with. From
The machine I was weighed with. From

Weight: –7 kilograms. I don’t really believe that. The weight that got marked down in Narva was too big. So I would say I actually have lost 3–4 kg.

Body fat percentage: –3,3%. A good result but my body fat % is still too high, I should get it down by 3% to be within the normal range (18–28%), 6–8% to be around the ideal percentage.

Body fat: –4,7 kg. Considering the initial weight result was wrong, this result is also not accurate. I think my actual fat loss is between 3–4 kg, the same as my overall weight loss.

According to this I'm "healthy". From
According to this I’m “healthy”. From

This says I’m right in the “average” category. From


Visceral fat aka fat around my organs: normal. The two analysis have different measuring methods for visceral fat but on both tests the result was normal/good. Happy with that.

Lean body mass aka muscles: –1,7 kilograms. What the hell?! I have lost muscles?! Well, it might be the difference of the machines because I can see how all of my muscles have grown since starting BodyPump in September. I cannot believe I have lost muscle, that’s just not possible.

Biological age: from 23 years to 29 years. I’m actually 21. The guy at the test explained to me that it’s calculated from the ratio of body fat % to muscle mass. My high fat % causes the high biological age. Not happy about that but also not that disturbed.

Body type: from “overweight” to “standard”. I thought I would get something a little more on the athletic side but “standard” is also fine by me.

Theoretically I look like the woman in the middle. From
Theoretically I look like the woman in the middle. From

The initial test at Narva Energy Run had a lot more other (not that important) results presented but the one I took today only gave those results. In general I can be happy: weight and body fay percentage have decreased and visceral fat is normal. But I still have such a long way to go! Need to get the body fat down by 6%…

The next time I go there to get the analysis, I can compare the results better because the machine will be the same. I think I will have the next one done when I reach my goal that right now is about 2,5 kilograms away. But I know getting there will be tough because of the holidays coming up (staying low-carb but in general eating waaay too much) and I’m travelling and not being strict with my LCHF in January for 3 weeks. I’m actually terrified about coming back home at the end of January and stepping on the scales. I know they’ll give me crushing results… 


So realistically I won’t get to my goal before spring. But I will get there! That’s the only thing I’m 100% sure about.

9 kommentaari “Body analysis results: still a LONG way to go

  1. No tegelikult – mitte “such a long way to go still”, vaid pigem “I’ve come an awesome long way, there is so little still left!!!” 😀 Et no ikka positiivsust süstida vms :))Aga tegelikult ma arvangi nii – Sa oled ikka meeletult tubli olnud ja see eesseisev tee on Sinu tubliduse juures varsti läbitud! Jaksu!


  2. tere,ma küsiks selle kaalumise asja kohta, sain aru et sa ei kaalunud ennast 3 nädalat, kui ma ei eksi, mis oli selle eesmärk ja kui tihti sa ennast kaalud? Ma ise tegelen ka LCHF-ga nüüd juba paar nädalat ja ausalt öeldes kaalun ennast iga hommik…


    1. Said õigesti aru. Tegelikult oli point selles, et mul polnud võimalust end hommikul kaaluda, kuna Tartu kodus mul kaalu pole. Kui olen vanematekodus, kaalun end laupäeva hommikuti. Oleksin võinud kaaluda spordiklubis, aga õhtused kaalud on mul nii erinevad (kui palju vett joonud, söönud jne), et neid nagunii võrrelda ei saa. Kuna olin juba kaalumissõltlane vahepeal, st enne trenni kaalusin, vanematekodus igal hommikul ehk pmst iga päev ja vahel mitu korda, siis mõjusid need 3 nädalat väga hästi.


  3. tänan vastuse eest, jah, mulle tundub et olen ka kaalumissõltlane vist 🙂 aga vist 3 nädalat mitte kaaluda ei suudaks vist..üldiselt on see “kaalumise” teema páris huvitav..


  4. You might want to try calipers instead of the machine. I have found the calipers method much more accurate and consistent (e.g. it doesn’t change during one day). And not only me, all articles I have read on the subject state that calipers are superior to the machine. The only downside is that you always have to “pinch” the same spot to get a reliable comparison so you would need somebody skilled to do the measurement. And also go back to the same person for revaluation.


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