Marathon100 IV Virtual Run 10K

The IV (and last) Virtual Run this spring took place from the 18th–20th April. I really wanted to take part in it since it was the last one but I didn’t know when would be the best time since I’m so terribly busy with schoolwork right now. It was also Easter weekend which meant that I had to balance family time, workouts and studying for my exams… Oh well, I thought it would be a good idea to get the running done on Friday. 

Couldn't really complain about my race number, could I? :)
Couldn’t really complain about my race number, could I? 🙂

Bad idea. 

By now I should have known that I absolutely need one rest day before racing. What did I do? 4 hard workouts with no rest days before the race. On Friday morning I had a pretty good idea that the goal to finish under an hour (for 10,4 km – read why 400 m more than 10K here – it means 5:45 min per km) or with a pace of 6 min per km was not going to happen. But I still decided to go out there and try my best.

Before racing I had a very light breakfast: banana smoothie. I was out the door just before 10 AM. I made a quick 1 kilometer warm-up, reset my RunKeeper and then it was race time.



On the first kilometer I was ahead of my target pace (5:45) but it sure was hard. I tried to stay positive but my legs told me that I’m not going to keep that pace this time. The weather was warm and sunny but the wind was STRONG. At first, the wind wasn’t at least against me.

You can see that it started to get really hard on the 8th km.

I was running a pretty boring lap this time: to Kohtla-Järve and back, so the same road twice. I hate running back and worth, I like an actual lap that’s not repetitive better. I did see some cyclists, a runner and people walking. They all stared at my number like I was crazy. Who is this girl, running with a number 1 on her shirt? Why is she doing this?


I have to be honest: I also thought to myself why am I doing this. My legs were heavier than usual. They have been worse but I had to push myself to keep going. I was behind my pace from the second kilometer and actually never managed to speed up. I should have made Friday a resting day and raced on Saturday with fresh, well rested legs. But there was nothing I could change at that point other than finish what I started.

The really tough times started about 4 km before finish. I had turned around and started running back and the wind just not on my side anymore. It was blowing in my face and I almost felt like I was moving backwards rather than forwards. Fortunately for me, my iPhone started to play all the right songs and lyrics like “not giving in” and “I’m the champion” etc made me push myself. It was sunny and warm after all. Enjoy the weather and ignore the wind.

pace and climb

160 meters before finish I managed to somehow click “Finish” on RunKeeper. Oh, man, what more is going wrong? I moved my fingers faster than ever and quickly started a new workout session to run another 160 m. It was a race and I couldn’t send incomplete data back to

After finishing I made a 600 meter cooldown back home. All in total: 12K.



I completed the race with a time of 1 hour 4 minutes and 14 seconds. Average pace: 6:10 min per km. I didn’t accomplish my goals: not under an hour and not 6 min per km. But I still improved my last Virtual Run pace of 6:17 min per km so I still shouldn’t be disappointed.


  • My official time: 1:04:14

  • Average pace: 6:10 min per km

  • My position: 5th (out of 5 that finished) –> yup, I was last in this race but with only 5 participants: I’m not that disappointed

  • My position among women: 4 (out of 4)



And really, I’m not disappointed. Not the best race ever but not bad either. It’s actually pretty funny how 2 weeks ago, I was thrilled about a pace of 6:17 per km but now I’m pretty neutral about running 6:10 in tough conditions. I need to not be so hard on myself! I’ll have to chance to accomplish my 10K goals in my next race: SEB Tartu Jooksumaraton on the 11th of May. 

4 kommentaari “Marathon100 IV Virtual Run 10K

  1. Minul on nii, et võin joosta kasvõi paduvihmas, lumehangedes, kuuma päikese all, miinus 20 kraadiga, aga vot vastutuult ma lihtsalt pelgan 😀 😀
    Aga tubli, et lõpetasid ja vastupidasid!


    1. Kui niisama trenni teha, siis on vastutuul vahel isegi äge, saab end bad ass’ina tunda 😀 Aga võisteldes ajab närvi küll!


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