Liebster Award / Auhinnaring

Today I learned something: never check the Internet just “one” more time before you decide to start studying. Why? Because someone might tag you with a Liebster award and you might get a HUGE urge to write a blogpost. Well, there goes Public Sector Finance…

Actually, I really want to thank Henry for giving me the award. It’s a pleasure to know that someone who’s blog you absolutely adore reading actually likes your work as well. Henry writes about a healthy lifestyle, sports and weightloss as well (among other things). He. Is. HILARIOUS. Check out his blog! 🙂



So, I have to answer 5 questions and then give the award to someone else and let them answer 5 questions. So without further ado, here are my answers to the 5 questions asked. Let me tell you, I had to think pretty hard on these!


1. If you were really really great at one thing. The best in the world. What would it be and why?

Public speaking. Wouldn’t that be great? I mean, being really motivating, inspiring an interesting to listen to. I would go around the world and preach only good thoughts, try to make people happier, more self-confident and loving towards each other. This might sound like a Miss World answer of “I want world peace to everyone” 😀 but having great public speaking skills and preaching happiness would be awesome. 

2. What did you learn from ’50 Shades of Grey’? What are your expectation to men now? (If you haven’t read it, which I’m sure you have, what shows do you follow?)

Here’s the thing… I haven’t read it 😀 I’m a weird person (as I’ve stated many times before): I don’t really ever feel the need to read/watch/listen to the “what’s hot now” things. I haven’t read the Twilight saga or seen the movies. I don’t follow Game of Thrones. I don’t know a thing about Harry Potter. Et cetera. I wonder how I even dragged myself to the movies to watch the Hunger Games…

I’ll answer the back-up question then. I regularly follow Downton Abbey, Bones and Õnne 13 (you’re all allowed to laugh out loud!). Downton Abbey is a recent favourite, I think the actors/actresses are great and I love how it’s tied together with real history. Bones is an old favourite of mine, I used to have no problem watching it (= blood, bones and dead bodies) while eating lunch. Õnne 13 I’ve watched all my life and it would just feel weird to miss it. Other than that, I don’t think there’s much else. I don’t have that much time for TV. I’m busy with real life 🙂

3. Who did you want to become when you were little and who do you want to become now?

When I was little, I wanted to become a hair-dresser or a makeup artist. I always liked going to the hair-dresser with my mom, cutting my dolls’ hair, making braids and messing around with makeup. I got my first set of eyeshadows, mascara and lipstick when I was 9 years old, after annoying my mom for a LONG time (talk about persuasion skills!). I was on top of the world when I could play around with these things at home. Ofcourse I didn’t start wearing makeup in public when I was 9. 🙂

Now… That’s a more complicated question. 😀 I love what I study at university, economics is just perfect for me: enough maths and enough everything else. I have dreamed about a position in public sector for quite a few years now… We’ll see what the future has in store for me. 🙂 Maybe something in the public sector that has something to do with public health? That would be pretty great.

4. What’s in your 5-year plan?

In 5 years I’ll be 27 years old. Now I’m pretty scared. 😀 But the main things:

  • Have a Master’s degree in economics.

  • Have a job I enjoy doing.

  • Be independent.

  • Have completed a full marathon, at least once.

  • Have travelled to most continents but especially to NYC, my dream travel destination.

  • Have a loving man in my life 🙂

  • Have a lot of new amazing friends!

  • … but also have my old friends still in my life!

  • Start thinking about buying some property to actually own a home.

  • Start thinking about kids.

  • Be happy every single day.

  • Feel like I’m useful for the world 🙂

5. Which blogs do you follow and why (what do you get from them?). Name 3–5 blogs.

I actually have sub-categories of blogs I follow in my Bloglovin’: nutrition, sports, beauty, travel and other. So I’ll name one blog out of every category (but you can see more in my LINKS page).

Nutrition: who to pick? Toit, trenn, kogemused. Kristi blogs about nutrition, workouts and weightloss. She’s so inspiring and has a lot of great thoughts.

Sports: this one is hard because there is a lot to choose from. I have mentioned many bloggers in my posts before so in this one I’m going to pick someone new. TRIO TO RIO. Lily, Liina and Leila Luik are Estonian marathon running triplets. They are awesome! They also are a part of TÜ ASK, my sports club. 

Beauty: FleurDeForce. She also has a beauty channel on YouTube. She shares great beauty tips, is very relatable and generally a beautiful person from the inside out.

Travel: new york ilma glamuurita. As I mentioned before, I want to travel to NYC. It’s a dream. This woman is living there and she’s Estonian. And she takes great photographs. Not much more needs to be said.

Other: Erle Kaasik photographs. I absolutely love photography and have a pleasure to know this girl personally as well. She is VERY talented and has breathtaking work.




These were my answers. I tried my best, they were hard! 🙂 

Now the even harder part… Who the h*ll do I nominate? So many great blogs are out there. I pick Toit, trenn, kogemused aka Kristi Värik’s health blog

My questions for Kristi:

1. Describe your life in 5 years. Kirjelda oma elu 5 aasta pärast.

2. What’s the biggest workout goal you have? Milline on sinu kõige suurem trenniga seotud eesmärk, mis endale seadnud oled?

3. Describe one memorable situation from your childhood. Kirjelda üht meeldejäävat seika oma lapsepõlvest.

4. Name 3 of your favourite books, explain the chioce. Nimeta 3 oma lemmikraamatut, põhjenda valikut.

5. What’s your favourite quote / moto? Why? Milline on sinu lemmiktsitaat / moto? Miks?


10 kommentaari “Liebster Award / Auhinnaring

    1. Mõnus lugemine ja hea teada, et ma pole ainuke, kes teab Harry Potterist Twillight sagast ja muudest “suurteostest” veel vähem kui eskimo banaanides:D Nägin Sind täna BodyPumpis ja hea oli Sinu pealt spikerdada:) Ole tubli!


      1. Heh, tore, et abiks olla sain! Muidugi see, et ma soojenduses korralikult mööda suutsin panna pärast 1,5 kuud uue kava tegemist 2x nädalas, oli suht hale minust 😀


  1. Ma olen ka suur Õnne 13 fänn – parajalt humoorikas ja aus nagu päris elu. Elukaaslane lausa vaatab alati osad kordus TV-st järgi kui mõni vahele jääb.


  2. Ma alles praegu märkasin, et sa olid selles postituses mu ära märkinud ning mu blogi jaganud. Niivõrd armas sinust! Arenemisruumi on veel kõvasti, aga see, kui inimesed sind tunnustavad, annab indu ja tahet edasi pürgida üha rohkem – samamoodi on kindlasti sinu ja su blogiga. 🙂 Igajuhul pole SELLIST järjepidevust nagu sul, näiteks mul pole. 😀 Väga tubli töö!


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