Workout Week 17.–23.02.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday: BodyPump with Florian. That was one really good workout. I usually still miss one/some reps in some tracks, like when changing weights, when I get too tired or in lunges when my leg starts to feel like it’s going to get a cramp. On Monday I did every single rep there from the beginning to the end. Even in lunges with 6+6 kg on my shoulders: I did all the superslows and bottom-half-fours! And my legs were shaking bad but they didn’t cramp up. Man, I was proud of myself. I’m thinking about upping some weights next time or next week. We’ll see how things go. 

Tuesday as usually was strip aerobics day. We had some strange moves on the floor again and I scratched some skin off my foot. Ouch! 😦 Beside that we did a lit of plank exercises for abs. It ended up being a pretty sweaty workout. 

Wednesday: BodyPump with Maris. We had all old tracks with retro music 🙂 Some the same as in Friday’s Valentine’s Day edition. I added weight in squats and back. We also had 2 abs tracks since we had time for that. The last one was all planks, so hard! But I still felt really good and happy after my workout. My mood was sky-high!

My current weights:

  • Warm-up: 3,5+3,5 / 5+5 kg (depending on the track)
  • Squats: 10+10 kg bar
  • Chest: 6+6 kg bar
  • Back: 7,5+7,5 kg bar
  • Triceps: 3 kg dumbbell; 5 kg weight / 3,5+3,5 kg bar (depending on the track)
  • Biceps: 3,5+3,5 kg bar; 3+3 kg dumbbells
  • Lunges: 6+6 kg bar
  • Shoulders: 3,5+3,5 kg bar; 3+3 kg dumbbells
  • Abs: – 
Weather was so nice on Wednesday and this was my only thought…

Thursday: yoga and cycling. Yoga is so interesting: it doesn’t feel like much but I’m still sweaty after the class. I’m just not flexible and some moves are kind of really uncomfortable for me, even the simplified versions of the real moves. After my yoga class I wanted to do something intense because I had been sitting in the library all day. I did half an hour of indoor cycling, 12,3 km.

Friday began with morning intervals. The same thing as last week: 10 min slow, 2+3+4+5+4+3+2 min fast with 2 min steady between each interval and 15 min slow to end my workout. I know I was a little faster because I counted laps again and did almost 1 lap more than last week. Time: 1 hour, distance: 8,8 km, average pace: 6:49 min per km.



Now a longer part of this post all about Saturday… 

Elari brought me avocados as a gift 🙂

I was actually really scared and excited about Saturday because it was my first time to try Crossfit. I’ve wanted to try it ever since I heard about it from Instagram people. Heidi was kind enough to invite me to her last Crossfit in Estonia. It was a “Heidi’s special” in Crossfit Tartu. Another fellow blogger Elari was also there among other Heidi’s friends. The people were great, the workout was great, everything was great!  

Getting ready for the WOD…

We had a warm-up and then we learned the techniques of our WOD elements. (It was a beginners’ class). The WOD consisted of:

  • 2 wall-walks or 3 walk-to-handstands on the wall (I did the easier second version)
  • 6 pull-ups (with elastic band)
  • 12 shoulder presses (I had a 15 kg bar)
  • 30 double or 90 single jumps (I did singles)

Repeat for 3 or 4 times, I did four rounds. My time was 14:14. Overall I think it was a 1 hour class. I was DRIPPING in SWEAT after my 4th round. It was intense. I really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll be going again some time? We’ll see how things work out. 

Photo from Heidi
Photo from Heidi


Photo from Elari


Almond muffins a la Heidi. Yum!
Almond muffins a la Heidi. Yum!

After working out, Heidi offered us homemade almond flour muffins sweetened with honey… I debated whether to eat them or not. I tried one of both kinds. They were delishious. Since they were still low-carb, I don’t stress about them. 

Crossfit team. Photo from Heidi

We ended our afternoon with Heidi and Elari in BabyBack Ribs & BBQ in Tasku Center. We had a lovely chat and yummy food. Me and Heidi both had a steak (mine was medium-rare plus), bacon, mushrooms, coleslaw, sauce (balsamic?) and veggie mix. Elari had a chicken salad. It was great to chat with people who share my interest in sports, healthy food and blogging. 

Photo from Heidi


My meal: low-carb, delishious, HUGE.

Overall a really really fun day with good friends. I met a lot of amazing people and enjoyed everything. Thanks for inviting me, Heidi! And good luck in Dresden 🙂



Sunday was supposed to be a swimming day. But the pool was closed again. So the only option I had was running. Since someone needed to know how fast I can run 3K, I did a SFS-run (slow-fast-slow). My 3K time (from RunKeeper) was exactly 20 minutes. Overall distance: 6,29K, time: 42:39, average pace: 6,47 min per km. It was a good run.


Running: done; feeling: great!


In total:

3 hours of muscle workouts

1 hour of dancing

1 hour of yoga

1 hour 45 minutes of running

30 minutes of cycling

30 minutes of walking



A lot of variety this week. Changing things up makes everything interesting and breaks me out of routine, that’s great. Next week I’m also going to be trying a new workout at my fitness club. Stay tuned to find out exactly what 🙂

3 kommentaari “Workout Week 17.–23.02.2014

  1. päriselt teed pumbis 20kg lisaraskustega kükke? Või ma saan millestki valesti aru? Ma teen 5+5 ja mõnikord väga-väga harva näen, et mõni naine paneb sinna veel kilosed otsa….rinnalihaste jaoks panen 2×2,5kg + 2x1kg, aga naist, kes sinna 5kg paneks pole mina veel näinud….aga veel 6? … päriselt?


  2. Kannatamatult ootan, millal Tallinnas esimene box avatakse. Suur isu on crossfit’i proovida. Kui sulle meeldis, siis tõenäoliselt vaimustun ka mina sellest. Rõõm on näha, et paljud naised lõpuks suurte raskuste hirmust üle saavad. Kui pump’is pole julgust kohe juurde panna, siis võib alati enne jõusaalis tasakesi harjutada. Pisut kannatust ja ei olegi enam keeruline 70-80 kg turjale võtta ning kükke teha 🙂


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