First time in a fitness club

People often complain and worry on forums and other sites that they are scared to go to a fitness club to work out. You shouldn’t be! Here are some tips (from my experience) to think about before your first time at a fitness club.

Number 1. Do your homework.

Take time to explore homepages of different fitness clubs. Learn about the styles and conditions they offer. Also search for information in the non-official sites like forums where people share tips and their experiences. Before a specific class, do a little research. Before my first BodyPump class I looked up the classes structure and other recommendations and it was a huge help. 

Number 2. Come early. Never ever be late!

Especially to your first class: come early. This leaves you time to get to know the fitness club, people and overall feel. This also gives you time to talk to your instructor. No one likes the people who try to sneak into a class when others are already in the middle of warm-up. No warm-up also means a much higher risk of possibly hurting yourself. We don’t want that, do we?

Number 3. Do NOT take the back row.

Almost every beginner does that at my fitness club. Even I made that mistake. Take the front row or if you feel too scared, then atleast something near the front. You will see yourself better in the mirrors and also see the instructor. Sometimes visibilty from the back is poor.


Number 4. Let the instructor know that you are a beginner / newcomer.

VERY important. Let the instructor know that you are a newcomer. That way (s)he can instruct you with the equipment and keep you in mind, in case you start to feel bad or your technique needs to be corrected etc. I told Maris in my first BP class that I haven’t done it before and she instructed me on weights and gave extra information. If the instructor doesn’t recognize that there are beginners in class, (s)he might give less extra information that is usually given when there are beginners in class.

Number 5. Listen carefully.

Listen to every word your instructor says. It’s probably important. 

Number 6. If you have questions about something, ask.

If you are unsure of anything or have questions, ask your instructor. They are pretty much always open to answer questions after class. Or if it’s really urgent, sometimes you can even ask questions in the middle of the class.

Number 7. Listen to your body.

If things feel too difficult, try to take it easier. You’ll get better and better with time. You don’t have to be a pro from day 1. 

Number 8. Don’t try to push it too hard, concentrate on technique.

This is especially true for anything that is really intense or includes weights etc. First learn a good technique, then start adding weights. Bad technique + bigger weights = (probable) injury. Not fun at all. 

Number 9. Bring water.

Dehydration is not a good thing, neither for your health nor how you feel at class.

Number 10. Bring a little towel / something to wipe sweat with.

It’s better to have it than not have it with you. I even sweat at yoga and other easier workouts. It’s really nice to have with you. 

Number 11. Bring hair ties / pins etc (if you have longer hair).

If you have longer hair, keep it tied together somehow. A braid, a pony tail, a bun: whatever you like. It’s a lot comfortable that way, trust me. My hairtie broke once and I didn’t have any extras with me. Worst. workout. EVER! 

Do you have any vital tips for beginners? Let me know in the comments!

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