Workout Week 6.–12.01.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

On Monday I finally could do some BodyPump! They finally had a class at a local fitness club after a big break during the holiday season. They don’t have all the equipment like step-benches and dumbbells but it was still better than doing a muscle workout at home. I used my old weights and they didn’t feel too heavy, yay! 🙂 BodyPump is my favourite, can’t wait to get back to Tartu to Maris’s and Florian’s classes.
Tuesday was a swimming day. I was a little sore from BodyPump but still managed to get a good workout with normal times for my 500 m of breaststroke, 500 m of backstroke and 500 m of front crawl. Then I had to do quite a lot of walking to get home again (didn’t mark that down in my table above) and also walked my dog for about half an hour.
Wednesday began with a walk with my dog. The weather was just miserable: rainy and windy. Hate that combination. In the evening I had a Zumba class which was great as usual but unfortunately I was even a bit more sore from Monday. 
Thursday: BodyPump. The same as on Monday. It’s really uncomfortable to do the chest track without a step bench but I survived. My sore muscles made it more difficult as well. And ofcourse I made a walk with my dog. (I should really stop writing that, I bet no one even cares :D)

Friday started with a run. It was just straight up hard. My muscles were a little sore and tired and I reaaly had to push myself. It also rained and started to sleet. Snow would be fine, it doesn’t stick to your clothing but sleet makes clothes wet and heavy. Anyway, I ran in total 7,2K, average pace: 7:41 min per km. Slow, slow as a snail. Then I also walked the dog in the sleet and returned home so wet like I had jumped in a pool…
Saturday actually included jumping in a pool: 1500 metres of front crawl. A good swim. Then I also walked my dog. By the way, winter arrived again. Some snow and lower temperatures. Also some great news from the scales: –2,2 kilograms and pretty good measurements, almost back to mid-December! 🙂
On Sunday I went running first thing in the morning and then walked my dog. Average pace: 7:20 min per km, distance: 6,3K. The last workout before travelling! Also walked my dog. Going to miss him! 😦

In total:

3 hours 30 minutes of walking
2 hours of BodyPump
1 hour of Zumba
1 hour 30 minutes of swimming
1 hour 40 minutes of running

And now I’m off to Thailand! Actually, I’ll be spending Monday (the 13th) visiting Stockholm, travelling on the 14th and arriving in Bangkok on the 15th. There are protests and stuff going on there so keep your fingers crossed. I’ll be back in Estonia on the 30th of January. No Workout Week or Food Friday posts until then unfortunately but don’t you worry: I have some pre-written posts and recipes that I’ll be posting from my iPhone while I’m travelling so still take a look at my blog sometimes 🙂 Also let me know if you’d like to see some Thiland photos and posts!

Bye-bye, Estonian winter! :)
Bye-bye, Estonian winter! 🙂

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  1. Stevia pulbrina hea, abikaasa tarbib, looduslik valik kõigi omalaadsete seas. Mina küsiks juurde agaavi siirupi ja vahtra siirup kohta, kas need võiks olla suhkru alternatiiviks?


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