Workout Week 4.–10.11.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

On Monday I had BodyPump with Maris as usual. We did tracks from no 75, 86 and only a two tracks from current no 87. Oh, we pushed it hard that day! BodyPump is for sure becoming my favourite group workout.

Tuesday: strip aerobics. New routine, fortunately easy to remember. My hips really do move now, I’ve discovered.

The only place where I can take selfies because it has a full length mirror: at the sports club.

Wednesday started with an early 8 AM yoga class. It was officially rest day and I thought oh well, let give yoga another try. I feel like such a noob in that class, so inadequate. But the class actually even got me a little sweaty, there were a lot of intense streches (at least for my body).

On Thursday I rushed straight from my test at school to BodyPump. How come all the instructors are so good at TYSK? Florian is so awesome. There were only 12 people there since it was a lunch-time workout and he tried to memorize our names and really motivated us. For example, at the end of biceps track, he encouraged us to increase weights from dumbbells to a bar. I didn’t because my biceps were already on fire. He just stood next to me an told me: “You can do it! Pick up the bar! Pick up the bar!”And I did. And it wasn’t so tough, I finished strong and feeling even more amazing.

By the way, my test results were really really good. International economics is kind of growing on me 🙂

I decided not to set an alarm for Friday morning and woke up around 9 AM. After breakfast went for a walk with my dog, the weather was lovely: no wind or rain, occasional clouds and sunshine. In the evening I had Zumba with my best friend. We had fun and it was a good workout.

Saturday was a really really special day for me. I ran my longest distance ever: 12,24 kilometres! I’ve had this goal to run from home to the city (Kohtla-Järve) and back since I completed my first 10K in July. I thought the distance will be 12K but when I reached Kohtla-Järve, it turned out it was a little over 5K one way so all together a little less than 11K. I was determined to get my 12K so I run some extra. The last kilometres were tough, my legs felt heavy. But I did it! Average pace: 7:41 per km. I’m happy with that. Time to set new goals 🙂

Saturday’s run. I’m a proud runner right now 🙂

Sunday was Father’s Day in Estonia. In the morning we went swimming with my mom. In 45 minutes I did 500 metres of breaststroke, 500 m of front crawl and 500 m of backstroke. I really tried to follow the instructions from a book I read recently about swimming, the author was Terry Laughlin who is known for Total Immersion swimming. In the afternoon had nice lunch with the family, they ate some high-carb chocolate strawberry whipped cream cake I baked the day before, I had a mug cake as dessert. Eveyone was happy 🙂 After that I went for an hour long walk with my dog. We met a really angry poodle who attacked us but my dog behaved really well. Some people don’t understand that you need to have your dog on a lead if they don’t behave.

In total:

2 hours of BodyPump
2 hours of dancing
2 hours of walking
1 hour 30 minutes of running
1 hour of yoga
45 minutes of swimming



A lovely week. I didn’t have a real “do-absolutely-nothing” rest day but I feel just fine. Lets see what happens next week. 

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