Workout Week 7.–13.10.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday as always was a super busy day: alarm at 6.30 AM, school (I had a test at 8 AM…), schoolwork, more school, more schoolwork… Then finally at 8 PM BodyPump. We pushed it hard as usual. Our instructor Maris was back. Last week she injured her ankle on Monday and ran a marathon on Saturday. That is CRAZY. Then she had BodyPump on Sunday and then this Monday. And she was totally fine! A superwoman, I’d say. In the end of the class she told us to go home and eat something rich in protein and that we could eat really anything. She mentioned that if we don’t eat after Pump, we are only destroying our bodies. I almost never eat after working out! So I rushed home and ate some cheese, nuts and cabbage and went over my macros that had been perfect. But if a superwoman tells you to eat post workout, you do that. If anyone has any theories about why and what I eat after different workouts (while doing a low carb lifestyle), let me know (like, should I eat after Zumba? or aerobics? or any cardio? etc). I’m going to do some research about that as soon as I get free time.

On Tuesday we had a new routine in strip aerobics. I really didn’t like it at first. A lot of strange combinations and weird steps… But by the end of the class the routine grew on me and I started enjoying it. I already got worried how I’m going to say: “I didn’t enjoy strip aerobics.” here on my blog but no: still enjoying it.

Wednesday was such a hectic day and I managed to fit an Aeroburn Step into it fortunately. Basically it’s a Step class with fun combinations that really makes you so tired afterwards. 

Thursday morning the first thing I felt was my legs that were so sore from the Step class the day before. But I had decided to go swimming so I had to cycle to the city. If you can save money and burn calories, why wouldn’t you? To the city and back: all together 50 minutes. Also I swam for 45 minutes.  I did 4 1/3 sets (one set was 100 metres of breast stroke, 100 metres of front crawl and 100 metres of backstroke), all together 1300 metres which is great considering I haven’t properly trained for years now.

On Friday my legs were even worse. The stairs in my house were enemies to me. 😀 I went for a rather painful 1 hour walk with my dog. In the morning I suddenly realised I’m in proper ketosis over a long time since I had no appetite on Thursday and a bad taste in my mouth all day. Yay! Ketosis is great for weight loss.

On Saturday I went for a 30 minute walk with my dog and then in the evening decided to go for a walk even though my legs were still sore and hurt even when walking. I was terribly slow (at about 8 min/km) but I did it without walking so I could still be proud. 

On Sunday me and my mom decided to go swimming. I did the same sets again but this time I managed to swim 4 2/3 sets and a 50 metres of cooldown, all together 1450 metres. Then later on in the day I went for a walk with my dog. My legs were still sore but a lot better than on Friday and Saturday.

In total:

1 hour of BodyPump

2 hours of aerobics

1 hour 30 minutes of swimming

50 minutes of cycling

2 hours 30 minutes of walking

1 hour of running

Ignore the training zones and heart rates. The program assumes them because I don’t have a heart rate monitoring watch yet.

I had a good week minus the sore legs from Thursday to Sunday. I hope next week will be good too and I won’t get as sore.

2 kommentaari “Workout Week 7.–13.10.2013

  1. you feel like reading it in Estonian then there’s quite a bit of useful information on that site (just choose the tag “toitumine” and you’re good) Also! I went to my first BodyPump ever this week (Thursday) and it still hurts to walk today. Since I have a job that requires quite a bit of walking, let’s just say that my two work days in between were not a lot of fun for me. Pain is not good -> hence rest day when muscles hurt really badly is a good plan in my opinion.


    1. Thanks for the link! It still gives the 2:1 recommendation that doesn’t really go with LCHF but still a good read.Rest day can be a good plan when muscles are sore. But sometimes I find that some sort of sports can be more beneficial and my muscles get back to normal faster when walking, jogging or doing something aerobic on sore days. To each its own 🙂


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