Workout Week 15.–21.07.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was supposed to be a running day but since I was so dehydrated last week while working on the island, I suffered major leg cramps and couldn’t run that day. I did about 30 min of cycling and 1 hour walk with my dog. Even that was pretty painful.

Tuesday I had a regular 30 minute walk and did 1 hour of running. Still felt some pain in my legs from the cramping on previous days.

Wednesday was Zumba and walking day, plus me and my friend had to do a children’s camp which included childern-Zumba and active games.  I could still feel pain in my right leg where I had a really bad cramp on Monday. That really made me worry.

Thursday I took an hour long walk with my puppy and after that did an hour of all over exercizes for my muscles. Boring but effective since I was sore the next day. I should really fit atleast 1 hour of muscle exercizes every week since my muscles are already decreasing (when compared to May for example).

Friday morning at 9 AM I had a doctor’s appointment to assure my mom that I’m not ruining my health with LCHF. She isn’t a believer in what I do when it comes to low carb. The weather was OK, so I cycled to the city. All together about 50 minutes there and back. In the evening had a regular 30 minute walk. My leg pain finally had gone away.

Saturday was really really weird. I felt really tired and was in a grumpy mood all day long. God, I was no fun on Saturday lol. I decided to pick a new running lap since the “old new” one got boring already. I really hate running one straight line there and back. So I did a new one, still in a straight line unfortunately. So I had a 1 hour run on Saturday and felt a lot better after that.

Sunday I just did a simple 1 hour run. Nothing special. Should have put more clothes on though, the weather wasn’t great: windy and cold.


In total:

3 hours and 30 minutes of walking

1 hour and 20 minutes of cycling

1 hour and 30 minutes of Zumba

1 hour of muscle exercizes

3 hours of running


This was an exceptionally great week (minus the leg cramps and pain). Hopefully next week is just as active and good.

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