Workout Week 1.–7.07.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts. 

This week was a little bit different because my Wednesday’s Zumba class was moved to Monday. Besides that I also did a regular 30 minute walk that day.

Tuesday was rest day because Saturday and Sunday had also been workout days. On Tuesday I did a regular half an hour walk and also some cycling because I had to go to the library and decided not to take the bus.

Wednesday was a day of bad decisions. I somehow saw that it was a gorgeous day outside and thought that the warm weather would be just fine for running. At midday. Bad decision! I have never been so wrong! The sun was HOT, there was strong wind, I had no water with me and no sunscreen on me. I killed myself that workout, was dehydrated and got tanlines from my top. I had to walk a lot and I hate walking on my runs. My heart rate didn’t go back to normal in hours. If it’s hot ans sunny and windy: no matter what Nike says (“Just do it!”)… Just don’t. Don’t. Wait for the evening hours. Later that day I also did a walk.

Thursday was a tough day also because I could feel the Wednesday’s bad decisions in my muscles and body. But I did a regular run without walking and a small walk in the night time.

Friday was rest day again. Did a walk and cycled to my nearest town and back.

Saturday was a great day for me because I completed my ultimate goal aka 10K run. Read about that here.

Sunday I didn’t feel like running and decided to take my bike and just cycle around my area for an hour. The weather was nice but it was really windy so my speed wasn’t that great, only about 16 km/h. But that is still really good for that kind of wind.


In total:

2,5 hours of walking

1 hour of Zumba

2 hours 10 minutes of cycling

3,5 hours of running


It was a good week. 🙂

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