Ultimate workout goal: completed!

Today (6 July 2013) I completed my ultimate workout goal of running 10K. You cannot believe how good it feels to know that I did it. No walking, no resting, no quitting. And it felt so good today, I didn’t have this: “Omg, I’m dying right now!” moment even once.

The temperature was right, the sun was already setting, at first there was strong wind but most of the time there was a gentle nice breeze. Perfect weather.

Thursday was carb-up day, in my world this means a handful of berries from my garden and a handful of walnuts mixed with almonds. This ended up in gaining water weight but carbs go to glycogen and glycogen gives you energy to run. Proven point right here.

So all the base was there and I reached my goal. Yay! 🙂

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