Workout Week 17.–23.03.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.


On Monday I had Jooks Jõud Venitus (Run Strength Stretch) again. I was pretty scared before the workout since I didn’t know how my leg would hold up. Actually everything was fine. I didn’t have any pain. I skipped some exercises and replaced them with other things but in general it was a good workout. I did hold myself back and I think it was wise to do that. Recover first, then start going harder.

Tuesday was a complete rest day. It felt so weird! A totally foreign concept to me… I went to an hour long foam rolling class. Man, I didn’t even know it could hurt so much! The front of my things were the worst, my injured hamstring felt pretty good. Hopefully this stretching and conditioning did me good. I’m going to buy myself a foam roller for sure.

Wednesday was intervals day. We did a 15 minute warm-up, then stretched a little and did some running exercises. After that it was time for intervals. 5 min jogging, then 200 m in 5:30 pace, 220 m jog, 400 m fast, 220 m jog and 200 m fast in 5:30 pace. We did 3 blocks of intervals. Overall we did about an hour of running. Last we did some ab exercises and stretches. It was an awesome workout and I was pain-free. I was so happy that my hamstring felt normal again 🙂

That's how you smile when you're really really happy :)
That’s how you smile when you’re really really happy 🙂

Thursday started off rough for me. You can read more here. But a great workout can fix a lot of things! I did BodyPump 89 with Maris for the first time. OH. MY. GOD! I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I really really do. I gave this workout my all and felt a lot better. Also, I really appreciate everyone who left me comments or messaged me, gave support and great advice. I’m glad I can share my thoughts and feelings and my blogreaders understand me. It’s great to know that people get you and have experienced similar problems.

Friday morning began with an hour long swim. I did 500 m breaststoke, 1000 m front crawl and 600 m breaststroke; all in total 2100 m. It wasn’t the best swim ever and I felt my technique getting worse the longer I swam… Well, every workout can’t be golden. I also got the chance to relax in the sauna for some time, that was nice. In the evening I made a 1 hour 45 minute long walk to my triathlon seminar, all in total 10,43 km. That day I burned around 1200 kcal and it didn’t feel like it, I wasn’t really that tired. Awesome! 🙂

On Saturday it was time to test myself again: it was the second virtual running race. Longer post here. I also rolled with my foam roller for half an hour or so to relax my muscles.

Image (1) slow-runners.jpg for post 2107
Yup, that’s me 😀

I decided to take Sunday easier and went to Pilates. I actually isn’t an easy workout at all, especially since my arms were sore (from what? swimming? IDK). I was still sweaty and tired after the workout and wished we stretched more… I should have gone to yoga or something.

In total:

  • 3 hours of running
  • 1 hour 45 minutes of muscle workouts
  • 2 hours of body and mind workouts
  • 1 hour of swimming
  • 1 hour 45 minutes of walking
I use for my summaries.

Before saving the summary from Sportlyzer I didn’t even realise I had such an active week. Almost 10 hours of working out but almost 4 hours were easier workouts. And my thigh is pretty much OK now. I don’t really want to use the r-word about it yet since I’m afraid to jinx it 😀

From tomorrow I will be following my half-marathon training plan for 12 weeks. I might have to change Thursday and Friday up if everything goes to plan, can’t tell you more just yet. Next week is also the Nike Training Day at Saku Suurhall. Lots of exciting stuff coming up! Game: ON!

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