TriSmile33.3 vs Tartu Everyman’s Triathlon vs RMK Kõrvemaa Triathlon

For a good few months now I’ve had a very big goal in mind: to compete in a sprint triathlon. When this idea sneaked into my mind, I wanted to do the RMK Kõrvemaa Triathlon. Then I found out about the A. Le Coq Everyman’s Triathlon (Igamehetriatlon) in Tartu. Then I remembered that there is a very popular triathlon in Pühajärve: TriSmile33.3… I’m sure there are other triathlons out there as well.

So many options, one confused Margit.

So what does this girl do when she can’t make up her mind? Writes down pros and cons of each event. Then posts it on her blog and hope someone smarter can give her good advice or some tips. 🙂



RMK Kõrvemaa Triathlon


Date: 19th of July 2014


350 m of swimming

22 km of cycling (mountain bike)

4 km of running

Place: Soodla in Harjumaa


+ A lot of participants (over 400 in 2013) –> not a huge chance I’ll finish last

+ A descent amount of time between the event and my first half-marathon in Narva (5 weeks)

+ Price: 16+10€

+ Normal sized starting groups (75 persons)


– Women and men start at completely different times (10 AM and 1.30 PM) –> I find it odd/weird

Too little information about courses, for example the trail profile etc. I can find info only about distances, nothing more.

– Early start (10 AM)

No race briefing

– Transition area times aren’t separately measured, included in bike time

– Location: I need to drive/be driven there by a car

– No opportunity to train on the race courses

– No extra stuff: actual diploma, medal, T-shirt etc

– No social events


A. Le Coq Tartu Igamehetriatlon (Every Man’s Triathlon)


Date: 12th of July 2014


500 m of swimming

20 km of cycling

5 km of running

Place: Tartu


+ Relatively simple bike and running course

+ Price: 20+10€

+ Location: 100 metres from my Tartu home 

+ Race briefing

+ I know the location very well

+ Opportunity to train on the actual courses prior to race

+ Starting groups in swimming if necessary

+ A medal and a diploma for everyone

+ Social events (Pasta Party, afterparty etc) prior and after race


Very close to my half-marathon (only 4 weeks after)

– Around 200 finishers and pretty fast finish times –> HUGE chance I’ll finish last and be disappointed

– Early start: race briefing already at 9.30 AM


A. Le Coq TriSmile33.3


Date: 2nd of August 2014


300 m of swimming

30 km of cycling

3 km of running

Place: Pühajärve and surrounding areas, Tartumaa


+ A good amount of time between my half-marathon (7 weeks)

+ Over 250 participants –> according to last year’s finish protocol not a huge chance I’ll finish last

+ Late start (briefing at 1 PM, start at 3 PM)

+ Race briefing

+ Starting groups in swimming

+ Lots of extras: T-shirt, welcome present, swimming cap, medal, diploma etc

+ Social events after race

+ A good reputation


Price: 50+10€

A difficult and challenging bike course: almost 300 metres of climbing altitude

– Location: I need to drive/be driven by car

– No opportunity to train on the courses



I want my first triathlon to be pleasant and beautiful memory that I’ll remember forever. I don’t want a bad experience like my first running race was… I have no idea which event to choose and soon I’ll have to register. Any advice is VERY welcomed! 🙂



3 kommentaari “TriSmile33.3 vs Tartu Everyman’s Triathlon vs RMK Kõrvemaa Triathlon

  1. Osalesin eelmisel aastal nii Kõrvemaa Triatlonil kui ka Trismile’i pikemal rajal. Plaanis oli ka Tartu Igamehe Triatlon, aga kahjuks jäi sinna minemata, küll aga osalesid seal mu tuttavad. Nendest kolmest soovitaksin alustajale Tartu triatlonit.
    Kõrvemaa triatloni teeb oluliselt raskemaks see, et seal on vaja sõita rattaga maastikul. Nii palju starte ja väikesed stardigrupid on seal sellepärast, et Soodla veehoidlas on ujumise start ja finiš sama koha peal ja seal on üsna kitsas. Lastakse ühel grupil ära ujuda, siis lastakse järgmised. Jooksu osa oli seal ka üsna keeruline, mulle tundus lausa, et üks tõus ainult teisele järgneski.
    Trismile’i rattarada peetakse ka üsna keerukaks, kuna seal on päris palju tõusumeetreid. Samas õhkkond on seal väga tore. Hinna poolest jällegi kallim.
    Tartu triatlonil aitab ujumisele kaasa Emajõe vool, on natuke lihtsam ujuda. Ja nagu sa kirjutasid, saad enne ratta- ja jooksurada proovida, see tuleb kindlasti kasuks. Kuna Tartus toimub triatlon kesklinnas, siis on palju ergutajaid ja kaasaelajaid.


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