Workout Week 24.02–2.03.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about last weeks’ workouts.


Monday was a national holiday in Estonia so I wasn’t in Tartu and couldn’t go to BodyPump. Since everything was closed, my only option was running. The second day in a row. My shoulders and upper back were less sore from Saturday’s Crossfit. I had some uphill and downhill parts so overall it was still a pretty fast run. Time: 51 minutes; distance: 7,18K; average pace: 7:09 min per km.

Tuesday was not a traditional strip aerobics day, it was actually BodyPump day. We had an unknown instructor substituting and well… it was not what I’m used to. First she couldn’t get the warm-up track playing so she had her phone (!!!) play music. I couldn’t hear it in the front row, not to mention people in the back. After warm-up me and some other people figured the music issue out and then we at least had normal music. But she left us waaaay too little time between tracks. I didn’t have time to change weights, not to mention stretch a little, drink water or wipe sweat. Not the best workout.

Wednesday was time to try something different: in Estonian it’s called Jooks Jõud Venitus (Run Strength Stretch). We ran 30 minutes, then did different bodyweight exercises (3 rounds) like plank, wall-sits, stair runs, bar exercises and lunges and then jogged between rounds. It was AMAZING. Small training group, effective exercises and fun people. I’m gonna have to find a way to fit that workout into my schedule more often.

girlfriend could run like me

Thursday was MY BIRTHDAY. I turned 22. Can you tell me a better way to celebrate my birthday than going to one of my absolute favourite workouts with my favourite instructor? 🙂 BodyPump with Maris! She knew it was my birthday and had a special biceps track for me: “Raise Your Glass” by Pink. She even told it out load that this track is for me. So so sweet, it made my day more special 🙂

Since I had had very intense workouts all week + last week, I decided to take Friday easier. I went for a very slow run. Time: 1 hour, distance: 7,74K, average pace: 7:47 min per km.

Saturday was finally a swimming day after weeks. But it wasn’t a good one! 😦 First of all, my goggles kept filling up with water and I lost almost 3 minutes fixing them up… And then on the last 300 metres my left leg totally cramped up. But I still finished it, I didn’t give up! I ended up being in the pool 5 minutes longer then I could but since it wasn’t crowded, it was OK. All together 500 m of breaststroke, 500 m of front crawl and 500 metres of backstroke.

Sunday was also dedicated to swimming. 1500 metres of front crawl. Not a great swim but not bad either. Is 42:45 per 1500 metres with no breaks too slow? I really tried my best…

In total:

2 hours 50 minutes of muscle exercises

2 hours 30 minutes of running

1 hour 30 minutes of swimming

1 hour 45 minutes of walking

Ignore the heart rates, they are automatically calculated by Sportlyzer.
Ignore the heart rates, they are automatically calculated by Sportlyzer.

All in all a great week! I did what I love best (running, swimming and muscles) and felt great. The beginning of the week was maybe a little too intense but the end was a lot more relaxing. Next week: I’m ready for you 🙂

2 kommentaari “Workout Week 24.02–2.03.2014

  1. Väga lahe, et sa JJV-st kirjutasid, ma tahtsin ka sinna minna lähiajal, aga kartsin veidike. Nüüd ei karda enam 🙂
    P.S. uus kujundus ja nimi on ka toredad!


    1. Ma lähen esmaspäeval ehk homme jälle. Kolmapäeviti on rõhk lõigutrennil (see kolmapäev oli erand), esmaspäeviti on rohkem jõudu ja jooksu u 40–50 minutit. Hakkama saavad kõik 🙂
      Tore, et meeldivad. Ise olen nimega eriti rahul.


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