Name & site change: what for?

Recently my blog changed its name / title from “Margit’s workouts and LCHF lifestyle” to “Nourish, Train & Flourish“. I also moved it to my own domain. Some people might be wondering why I decided for a change, others have figured out some reasons for themselves. But initially I had these reasons.


Reason no. 1.

Original title was too long and clumsy. 5 words is a little bit too much, especially when using long words.


Reason no. 2.

Not memorable. No one actually remembered it, my blog was still known by “Margit’s blog” or “LCHF Margit”.


Reason no. 3.

Too concentrated on LCHF. I am still totally all for low-carb nutrition but since I do occasionally eat some root vegetables, will be adding fruit to my menu when I get more serious with running etc, it didn’t seem right to leave LCHF in the title. Some people are already telling me I’m not “actually” LCHF any more. For them LCHF in strictly staying under 20 g of carbs per day, no fruit etc. I still think I am, the “Food Revolution” does allow some root veggies and a little bit of fruit. And even if people wouldn’t consider me LCHF, I’m definitely low-carb: no grains and refined sugar.


Reason no. 4.

Not attractive. I just simply did not like the old name! I didn’t put too much creative thought into it when I first started in June 2013. BIG mistake. The new title is more fun and creative in my eyes.


Reason no. 5.

New title has a better meaning. First of all: nourish. Nourish your body with real food. Secondly: train. Exercise, work out, train, be physically active. And after nourishing and training: flourish. Really flourish a and be a beautiful human being, inside and out. (Eesti keeles: Toida, Treeni ja Õitse)


Uhmmm, that’s about it. Let me know if you like the new title and URL and site. If not… well, I like it and I’m not going to change it 😀 But really, comments and thought are welcomed and appreciated.

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2 kommentaari “Name & site change: what for?

  1. I like! Ma olen rohkem lugeja kui kirjutaja, aga meeldib su edust ja ka eksimustest lugeda 🙂 Inimlik noh! Jöudu sulle!


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