Workout Week 27.01–2.02.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was still travelling.

My trip to Thailand ended on Thursday and I got home around 2 PM. I was in my local BodyPump class by 7 PM although I am still a bit ill with cough I got in Thailand. The equipment at the local fitness club sucks bad. They ran out of 1 kg weights and the locks of the bar are very weak, I had to worry about my weights falling all the time. I took it easier with the weights and actually didn’t die after 2,5 weeks of absolutely no working out.

On Friday I saw my best friend again and we did a little over an hour of Zumba together. Fun, fun, fun. A little bit sore from BodyPump.

Saturday was supposed to be a swimming day but the pool was closed. I thought about running but decided not to go out while it was blizzarding and I was ill. So I ended up doing 1 hour of different muscle exercises while still feeling sore. Saturday was also a weigh-in day. I was so scared to step on the scales but fortunately had gained only 1 kilogram during my almost 3 week vacation and eating whatever whenever and no workouts. Now it’s time to lose all the extra and some more.

Sunday was actually a swimming day. 500 m of breaststroke, 500 m of front crawl and 500 m of backstroke. The pool was crowded and my breathing was a little heavy so it wasn’t the best swim ever but still an OK workout.


In total:

2 hours of muscle workout

1 hour 30 minutes of walking

1 hour 10 minutes of Zumba

50 minutes of swimming


A good week considering I am still ill and just starting to get back on track after my vacation. Looking forward to feeling better soon and getting into my normal workout routine. Some running would also be nice, this week I didn’t do any because of the seriously cold weather and my cough. Maybe next week? 🙂

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