Workout Week 23.–29.12.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was the first Monday in a very long time without BodyPump. I did muscle exercises to BodyPump 88 music. I didn’t have a bar, only one 3 kilogram dumbbell. All in total 1 hour of exercises and quite the bit of sweat. Late at night also made a quick walk with my dog.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. (T. Roosevelt)

Tuesday: Christmas Eve! The 24th is actually a lot more important day here in Estonia than the 25th. All Christmas dinners and present opening usually happens on Christmas Eve not Christmas Day. In the morning I enjoyed a run outside. I had a goal to run for an hour at 7 min per km. I was doing great when suddenly on my 6th kilometre – BAM! – two loose dogs running around. I had to stop and stand there for about 5 minutes. I got so cold and my muscles completely froze! Finally I could continue my run but my legs barely moved. The rest of the day was filled with cooking, baking, visiting relatives etc. The day ended with a waaaaaaay too rich Christmas dinner at our house. I ate some non low-carb foods too but I’m not going to stress about that. Everything tasted wonderful! 🙂

Wednesday: Christmas Day. My day began with THE BEST RUN THIS YEAR. I had cheat-eaten for about 4 days before and the biggest cheat was on Christmas Eve: I ate lots and lots of sugary foods. But as it seems, the carbs really help running. The feeling I had on this run was so much different from running on low carbs. It was a lot better. It was windy and on some parts of my lap I felt extremely bad-ass when battling it. But the greatest part was the last 2 kilometres. I felt like I was flying on my lap, I was so fast and smiling all the way. I felt amazing. This is what running is all about. It really made me wonder if I should go off strict LCHF (after getting to my goal?) and allow some grains (go up to 75–100 g of carbs) like buckwheat, millet and quinoa, maybe at least for races and competing? Don’t know…

Thursday was yet another running day. It was just straight up BAD. My legs were tired and sore, it was dark, rainy, windy and cold outside. I planned to run 10K but ended up running 7K. But I did it! Every run can’t be golden 🙂

Friday was Zumba day in a VERY long time. I loved it! My friend is a great instructor 🙂 Also enjoyed a walk with my brother and dog.

Saturday was swimming day: 500 m of breaststroke, 500 m of backstroke, 500 m of front crawl. A good workout, my front crawl was pretty good. After that we enjoyed a walk with my dog.

Sunday was another swimming day: I did 500 metres of front crawl, 250 m of backstroke, 250 m of breaststroke and then another 500 m of front crawl. I got some water in my goggles and that was annoying but finally I got them on OK. Then I enjoyed a walk with my dog to end the week.


In total:

2 hours 40 minutes of running
3 hours 30 minutes of walking
1 hour 30 minutes of swimming
1 hour of Zumba
1 hour muscle workout


A great week when it comes to working out! The highlight was obviously Wednesday’s run. But my nutrition is all messed up and causing me stress. How will I lose the weight I gained with holiday cheating? That’s yet to be seen…

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