Workout Week 16.–22.12.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday as always was BodyPump day. I’m liking program 88 more and more. Still very challenging, I really pushed myself hard. 

On Tuesday was the last strip aerobics of 2013. But for me, the next one will be in 2 months in February. That’s way too long! We did almost the same routine as last week and a week before that and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Last strip aerobics of the year: done :)
Last strip aerobics of the year: done 🙂

Wednesday: 8 PM BodyPump. My last BodyPump until February with Maris. She encouraged us to add some weight in warm-up, I added 1+1 kg. I also added 1+1 kg in back track and shoulders. I could feel the extra weight working. My back and shoulder area were pretty tired even when I went to bed.

On Thursday I did something Maris wouldn’t approve of: a third BodyPump of the week. She always tells us to do maximum of 2 Pumps in one week and mix things up with other workouts. But I wanted to enjoy my last proper BodyPump in two months since I won’t be going back to Tartu until February. After the workout I rushed to my dorm, took my extra heavy red suitcase and took a bus back to my parents’ house, my real home. Christmas break officially begun! 

On Friday I went running when it was already dark (7K and average pace about 8 min/km) and then took my dog for a walk. Also did other fun stuff like sleep in, clean and decorate  the house, make gingerbread dough and spend time with my family. We might not have snow but I still felt the Christmas mood starting to grow…

Saturday was a day full of errands and a weird mood and I seriously considered not going out to run. I really don’t like the humid and cold weather. But around 7 PM I motivated my ass off the couch and went for a run and it was great. Running always manages to lift my mood by 500%. Loved it! 6,4K and 7,27 min per km. I also wore my anti-slipping shoe extras and they worked good on ice.

Running on ice: no problem! 5€ well spent :)
Running on ice: no problem! 5€ well spent 🙂

On Sunday me and mom went for an afternoon swim at the local pool. It was totally overcrowded and really uncomfortable but I still did 500 metres of breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl, all in total 1500 metres. After that walked my dog as usual.


In total:

3 hours of BodyPump
1 hour 50 minutes of running
1 hour 30 minutes walking
1 hour of dancing
45 minutes of swimming

Overall a good week. I am a little worried about upcoming weeks since I don’t have the ability to use the services of a fitness club or work out with my favourite instuctors. That means less muscle workouts and more running and swimming and also some Zumba again with my friend. Not to mention all the Christmas feasts coming up… We’ve spent the last 2 days cooking and baking and some gingerbread, canned pumpkin and other (sweet) goodies might have found the way to my mouth. Oopsie! Well, it is the holidays but still I need more self control. 

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