Workout Week 9.–15.12.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday: BodyPump. A new program after 3 months! It is pretty intense on arms and shoulders but in general I liked it. Took a little weight off in some tracks as the instructor recommended. A good decision: I could concentrate more on technique. I’ll add the weights eventually.

Tuesday: strip aerobics. The same routine as last time but now I was smarter and found a way how to not kill my knees and rub skin off. Enjoyed the class very much!

Wednesday: BodyPump. I was a little sore so it was a difficult workout. Before we started chest track, Maris (my instructor) put her 1 kg weights by my step bench. So naturally I had to use them and pushed them on for the last part of the track. Oh, it burned but felt so good! Program 88 in general is more challenging to me. 

Thursday began with an 8 AM core workout. I was tired and didn’t have enough rest (less than 12 hours between two workouts). It was pretty hard and my abs were on fire. But I did it and then could sit on the bus and go back to my real home for the weekend. In the evening I enjoyed a walk with my dog. 

On Friday I got up bright and early again. It takes me ages to get to the pool (the bus schedule is just killing me here!) but I was in the water by 8.30 AM. I did 500 metres of breast stroke, 500 m of front crawl and 500 m of backstroke. I just got myself a waterproof watch I ordered from eBay for like 7€ and it worked great. Now I can start measuring my swimming better 🙂 When I got home, I went for a walk with my dog and it was killing us because the storm had hit Estonia at night. The wind was seriously incredible and I had to really work my leg muscles.Saturday morning began with a run. 7K and 50 minutes: a normal run, not too slow, not too fast around 7 min per kilometre. But it sure was cold outside. After running took my dog for a walk.Sunday started with swimming: 500 m of breast stroke, 500m of back stroke and 500 m of front crawl. Improved my time with the crawl, stayed the same with breast stroke and was a little slower with back stroke. Later had a walk in a winter storm with my mom and dog.

In total:

2 hours 45 minutes of muscle training
2 hours of walking
1 hour 30 minutes of swimming
1 hour of dancing
50 minutes of running

An average week. Haven’t had a proper rest day for quite some time now but I’m also not missing it that much… Am I weird? Next week will also be a “normal” one but aftet that I’m coming home to have my Christmas and winter break. Since I’m doing all of my exams in December, I won’t have any in January so I’ll have 7,5 weeks of no school (except I will be working on my bachelor’s thesis). But: I don’t have a normal sports club around my rwal home like I do in Tartu. That means NO group workouts (BodyPump!!! 😦 ), doing muscle training alone at home, running and swimming more and doing Zumba with my friend.  Things are going to get interesting.

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