Workout Week 11.–17.11.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was BodyPump day with one of my favourite instructors: Maris Tamm. We didn’t do any tracks from no 87, everything was from no 83. A pretty good workout, less lunges and squats than normally though. 

Tuesday: strip aerobics. Almost the same routine as last week. I enjoyed it. 

On Wednesday I wanted to go to body conditioning but my school schedule messed those plans up. Went to Aeroburn Step instead. It was good but I’m so not the person to remember all those combinations and turns…

Thursday: BodyPump with Florian. This needs no further explanation, right? 😉 

Friday was a really active day. I wanted to go swimming but the bus traffic is so messed up here back at home. So what does Margit do? She cycles. All in all about 1 hour of cycling and 45 minutes of swimming: 500 m breast stroke, 500 m front crawl, 500 m back stroke. In the evening went for walk with my pup. In total over 800 kcal burned. My legs felt kind of sore from Wednesday’s Aeroburn Step.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a 50 minute long run. I was fast for me at 7:02 min/km although my legs were tired and a little sore. Then I headed to my granny’s birthday party. My entire family was already there since morning, getting everything ready. I arrived around 1 PM. Then it was lunch time. Managed to stay on the low carb track and even brought my own low carb mugcake 😀 Ate waaaaaaay too much (ca 2500 kcal) but it was all low carb. 

My chocolate gingerbread flax seed mug cake topped with sour cream
and wild strawberries


Sunday was swimming day. The same distances as on Thursday: 3×500 metres of breast stroke, front crawl and back stroke. Later on had a one hour walk with my dog. The storm hit us and the first 2 kilometres were a serious workout, battling against the wind, the next 2K were easy.

Sunday walk

In total:

2 hours of BodyPump

1 hour 30 minutes of swimming

1 hour of aerobics

1 hour of dancing

1 hour of cycling

50 minutes of running

2 hours 30 minutes of walking


A wonderful week. No official rest days but I feel great. Swimming and dancing offers me enough relaxing both mentally and physically in between running and pumping. I love my workout routine now 🙂

The last race of the year next Saturday. Getting excited and nervous…

2 kommentaari “Workout Week 11.–17.11.2013

  1. Sa oled nii tubli sportlane, et peaks järgmisel aastal kindlasti mõnel triatlonil osalemise plaani võtma :)Mina ei oska praktiliselt ujuda (jubedalt kadestan neid, kes oskavad!), aga tegin ka möödunud suvel ühe harrastajate triatloni läbi. NII mega enesetunne selline asi läbi teha! 🙂 Täielik eneseületus ja hasart 🙂 Ja Sinus on niipalju potentsiaali, see on nii äge!


  2. Esiteks tänan innustavate sõnade eest. Teiseks võin saladuskatte all öelda, et üks pisike triatlon on mul juba mõni kuu seisnud oma 2014. aasta eesmärkide nimekirjas, ainus suur takistus on korraliku jalgratta puudumine. Väga meeldiv kommentaar, aitäh sulle! 🙂


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