Workout Week 21.–27.10.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday: BodyPump. Our instructor was abroad (or something like that) so we had a young man called Priit substituting. He was good and really friendly but I like Maris’s classes better.

Tuesday was strip aerobics day and we had a new routine. It was pretty good, I had a though time memorizing everything but I think I got it.

Since I haven’t been enjoying Wednesday‘s body conditioning classes so much as I used to, I switched it up for BodyPump. The instructor that time was Florian and he is seriously awesome. Enjoyed every second of that class! I increased some weights that day, so my currents weights are (keep in mind that the bar itself weighs 2,5 kg):
Warm-up: 3,5+3,5 kg bar
Squats: 7,5+7,5 kg bar
Chest: 3,5+3,5 kg bar
Back: 6+6 kg bar
Triceps: 3 kg dumbbell, 5 kg weight
Biceps: 3+3 kg dumbbells
Lunges: 5+5 kg weights (in my hands, I have better balance with weights in my hands rather than a bar on my shoulders)
Shoulders: 3+3 kg dumbbells, 3,5+3,5 kg bar
Stomach: 3 kg dumbbell

When you’re the last person to be leaving after BodyPump, you have to take some selfies before heading home I guess 😀

Thursday was rest day. Made lovely late night walk with my mom and dog, an hour of walking and almost 5K.

Friday morning started with a small 30 minute walk with my dog and in the evening I had a Zumba class with my friend. I had so much energy, I just wanted to keep going. Could it have had something to with the fact I ate more calories and carbs (2000 kcal and 40 g total carbs) than usual the day before? Maybe.

Saturday was running day. The weather was miserable: cold at 5 degrees Celsius with light rain and strong wind for the first 4 kilometres. I had a goal to be under 7:30 min/km and I reached that goal, my average pace ended up being 7:18 min/km which is really good for me. I keep wishing to get nice autumnal weather on a Saturday to enjoy my only run of the week more but I guess nice weather is over for this year. 

Sunday began with a 45 minute swim with my mom. I swam 100 metres of breaststroke as warm-up, then I did 1000 metres of front crawl (time: 28–29 minutes, not really sure because it was measured by this wall clock that was very far away from me) and finished it with 400 metres of backstroke. All together 1500 metres, I can be proud of myself 🙂 In the afternoon made an hour long walk with my dog.

All together:

45 minutes of swimming

50 minutes of running

2 hours of BodyPump

2 hours of dancing

2 hours 40 minutes of walking


Overall a really good week. 4 weeks until the last running race this year.

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