Workout Week 14.–20.10.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was once again BodyPump day. I decided to add some weights and pump my warm-up weights from 2,5 kg to 3,5 kg and also other weights increased a bit then. It was tough but I managed and got a great workout. Our instructor (the superwoman Maris) was injured so she had time to really look at out technique and say what was wrong. One or two girls were in her place in the front for us (one for the whole class and then the second girl changed during class) to see good technique at all times and they all did great!

On Tuesday I was a little sore and did my strip aerobics class but the real soreness came on Wednesday. Nothing as bad as the end of last week but still a little uncomfortable. Body conditioning was pretty intense, I had sweat dropping from my onto the mat and step bench nonstop. 

On Thursday I had this 3 hour gap between the end of school and my bus home. I decided to fill it with… (drumroll please!)… working out! Went to BodyPump. First week ever to fit 2 Pump classes in it. I did good and I was glad to see my instructor had recovered from her injury. In the evening I made a 30 minute walk with my puppy dog.

Friday was a miserable day: it was raining, cold and grey. We made a 50 minute walk with mister Dog and were both soaked when we got back home. My coat and boots were drenched. In the evening I had a Zumba class with my instructor-friend aka best friend over a very long time. Loved it!

Saturday was running day. There was wind, rain, hail and cold temperatures (about 3 degrees Celsius). It wasn’t all that enjoyable (small pieces of ice hitting my face etc) but I did it and still felt good after my run.

On Sunday I wanted to go swimming with my mom. My dad was so nice and got me a pair of new goggles so that I don’t have to keep pouring water out of them every 50 metres like I did with my old ones. But when we got to the pool we found out that there had been some unexpected accident with water there and we couldn’t go swimming. I was genuinely ANGRY because my plans had been messed up. So I came home and went for a 1,5 hour walk with my dog. The wether was cold but beautiful and sunny.

We climbed a small hill (300 steps up the stairs) during our hike on Sunday.


In total:

1 hour of running

3 hours of muscle exercises

2 hours of dancing

3 hours of walking

A good week in general. No swimming which still makes me mad but hopefully everything works next week.

2 kommentaari “Workout Week 14.–20.10.2013

  1. Sa oled väga inspireeriv inimene, kas tead? Räägi, mis su raskused on bodypumpis?Jõudu ja jaksu edaspidiseks!Kats


    1. Aitäh lahkete sõnade eest!Minu raskused BodyPumpis on järgmised:soojendus 3,5+3,5 kgkükid 7,5+7,5 kgrind 3,5+3,5 kgselg 5+5 kgtriitseps 2 kg hantel ja 5 kg ketasbiitseps 2,5+2,5 kg kettadväljaasted 5+5 kgõlad 2+2 kg hantlid ja 3,5+3,5 kg kangkõht 2,5 kg ketasSinna juurde siis veel 2,5 kg kangi enda raskus.


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