Food Friday 4.10.2013

On Food Fridays I will tell you about everything I ate that day. No matter if it is a good day or not: you will see it all. 


This Friday was a lot more important than usually because it was the day before my official 10K race at Tartu 2. Tudengimaraton. Before my first ever race at Narva Energy Run 7K, I had a different food plan since it was my mom’s birthday party. That Food Friday worked well for my race. Lets see if my regular food plan does the trick, too.


Breakfast (10.15 AM)

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 slice of bacon

  • 2 slices of cheese

  • 10 grams of flax seeds

  • 150 grams of red bell pepper

  • 10 grams of butter

  • big cup of coffee

  • 20 grams of cream


Snacks (1.30 & 4 PM)

  • 37 grams of brazilnuts

  • cup of peppermint tea (I was freezing in my dorm!)


Dinner (6.15 PM)

  • one large avocado

  • 1 smoked chicken leg (about 350 grams with the bones in)

  • 25 grams of raw cabbage (not on the picture)


All together about 1600 kcal. No clue about net carbs but I think I’m was totally fine today. Ok, the smoked chicken leg wasn’t ideal because it is a store bought product but every once in a while won’t kill me.


Next Food Friday in a week!


2 thoughts on “Food Friday 4.10.2013

    1. Kuidas pikk vahe? Minu jaoks ei ole. Hommikusöögi ja snäki vahel ainult 3 tundi, snäki ja õhtusöögi vahel kuskil 5 tundi. See on normaalne minu jaoks, vahe võiks isegi pikemad olla, kui arvestada, et vahepealne snäkk oli üpris energiarikas. Ikkagi hea kogus rasva nendest pähklitest. LCHF stiilis toit hoiab üldiselt nälja väga hästi eemal. Kui ma vahepeal nt ei saa või ei taha mingit snäkki süüa, siis on söögikordade vahe u 6-7 tundi ja seegi on normaalne.


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