My goals and thoughts before Tartu 2. Tudengimaraton 10K

Before my Narva Energy Run 7K I didn’t make a post about goals or thoughts before the race because it was my first ever sports competition and I really didn’t expect that much. I wanted to get the feeling of what a race feels like and have a good time with friends and family. Well… the experience was a little bit not what I wanted. Read about it here.

However, before my next race at Tartu 2. Tudengimaraton (Tartu 2. Student Marathon), I do have some thoughts and goals.

The distance is 10 kilometres. I have run that distance three times in my entire life: once in July and the second time in September of 2013, in the end of September I ran almost 10K with Heidi and that was by far the easiest of those three 10K (or almost 10K) runs. The first was the most difficult. So in a way, I am hoping that the fourth time will be the easiest and best of that distance.

It is a race and that naturally gives me a little bit more strength and power in my legs and body overall. It much depends on the feeling of the race: in Narva we didn’t have much cheering etc but from what I’ve heard, people in Tartu should be more welcoming. When random people are cheering for you on the track, it automatically gives you more power to keep going strong.

I’m confronted with a huge dilemma though. Should I wear headphones, listen to music and have my RunKeeper talking to me every kilometre? That’s what I’m used to. I’ve ran without music only one on my own and it was OK but I prefer music. However, if I have headphones on, I can’t really hear what’s going on on the track, what people are saying, screaming and shouting etc. So what should I do? Listen to music or not? Have RunKeeper talking to on headphones or out loud in speakers or not at all? I’m going to have to decide on that soon. I’m thinking I will do RunKeeper but no headphones.

The weather forecast for Saturday is pretty great: sun and 12 degrees Celsius. Pretty perfect. But should I take gloves? I think I’m going to put them in my pockets and if I need them, then put them on. Otherwise I’m going to wear long running leggings, regular running shoes, sleeveless top and a light-weight rainproof jacket (just in case, you never know when the rain might hit in autumn no matter what the forecast said). I think I won’t be too hot. I hope. I have yet to decide on a hat or cap though. I think nothing on my head will be the best.

I’m aiming to keep my average pace under 7:30 per kilometre, that is speed over 8 km/h and total time under 1 hour and 15 minutes. But if that doesn’t happen, it’s OK. The fastest I’ve ever been on 10K is 7,87 km/h. If I manage to beat that, it would be amazing. But I won’t be dissappointed if that doesn’t happen. My overall goal is to finish and not to injure myself


2 days until the race. Nerves are going up. Fingers crossed for the best!

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