Workout Week 23.–29.09.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was a busy school day that ended with BodyPump at 8 PM as usual. And it was hard as usual. But the feeling after that workout i amazing, I can really feel that all muscle groups have gotten a good workout.

Tuesday was also nothing new: an hour of strip aerobics. Great, fun and full of good emotions as always. If they cancel that class, I will be crushed in my heart.

On Wednesday I had a regular body conditioning class aka lots of different muscle exercises with dumbbells and the weights that usually go onto bars. Wednesday’s class just for me this time! Lots of different moves that needed excellent coordination and balance that I don’t have that much. Like putting one dumbbell in my knee-cap and the other one in my hand and then moving in a certain way. The dumbbell in my knee-cap just kept falling and I spent more time fixing it than working out (so angry about that!). So I got a little unmotivated and the fact that I was sore from BodyPump didn’t help. I didn’t give my all that day and I hate that feeling. Hopefully next week’s program is more my cup of tea.

I really should have made Thursday a rest day but I was determined to kill my muscles totally. Fortunately the functional workout with indtructor Ivika isn’t as tough as with other instructors like Kristi or Reene. We did exercises with a fitness ball. Me and my balance… Don’t even get me started. Oh, Ivika always tells us to take our shoes and socks off in classes where we don’t need to jump etc. It is supposedly good for our feet and posture. But it was interesting to have a change in my workout routine. 

Friday was my university’s sports day at my sports club TYSK. Every student and uni employee could take part in almost 2 hours of Zumba, functional workout and back workout for free. Isn’t that great? I managed to get my friend to come with me. Everything was great except after stretching in the end, I got a leg cramp. Not good. I think I needed to drink more water. After that I listened to a very interesting lecture about how you should build up your training plan for endurance sports. The lecturer Jarek Mäestu was from the University of Tartu Faculty of Exercise and Sports Sciences and has a PhD in Exercise and Sports Sciences. After that we also talked a little about exercise and low-carb but unfortunately there isn’t that much research about mixing exercise, competing and low-carb diets so he couldn’t really help me in that perspective but I did learn about training zones etc. It gave me the idea that maybe I should start thinking about a heart rate monitoring sports watch… He has written 2 articles in Estonian for Delfi, check them out here and here.

Saturday was the only rest day of the week. Spent most of it studying but in the morning made an hour and 10 minutes long powerwalk. I was fast! Usually my walks are slow at around 4 km/h (because I walk with my dog and he has to stop and sniff everything), today my average speed was 6 km/h. After my walk I feltthat my legs and ass are sore from the days before. Those two barefoot classes really had a great effect!

Work out, then smile – that’s how it works.

We had an agreement with Heidi (from the blog Tarkpea teeb trenni) since August that when she comes to Estonia, we will go running together. So we did that on Sunday. She had a lap planned out where to run and it was really nice. The weather was good, we chatted all the way and I didn’t feel like I was tired even once. All together 1 hour 11 minutes and 11 seconds, oh, and 9,3 km. Average pace was 7:40 per kilometre which is good for me considering it was a rather lengthy run for me (although it didn’t feel like it). I hope I wasn’t too too slow for Heidi who is far more advanced runner than I am. It was lovely meeting her, she is an awesome girl and I hope we go running together in the future as well.


In total:

1 hour 10 minutes of running

1 hour 10 minutes of walking

1 hour 35 minutes of dancing

2 hours of intense muscle exercises

2 hours 10 minutes of moderate muscle exercises

All together it was a great week again. I’m loving my life right now: school is interesting but not overwhelming (yet), I have free time to have some personal life, my eating is all normal and workouts feel great. Let the good days continue! 

PS. Next Saturday will be the 10K race at Tartu 2. Tudengimaraton. Can’t wait! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Hoping for a great feeling and experience from that day. 

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