Food Friday 27.09.2013

On Food Fridays I will tell you about everything I ate that day. No matter if it is a good day or not: you will see it all. 



Breakfast (10 AM)

  • protein waffles (from 2 eggs, a scoop of protein powder, water, 2 teaspoons of cream and dark cocoa powder, fried with some oil)

  • about 15 grams of homemade peanut butter

  • big cup of coffee with 20 grams of cream




Dinner (8 PM)

Dinner ended up a little bit too late in the evening but since we had the university sports day fitness program and lecture about workout planning from 3 to 7.30 PM, I just didn’t have time for it earlier in the day.

  • 250 grams of minced salmon

  • 400 grams of frozen broccoli

  • 10 grams of butter

  • 10 grams of flax seeds


In total about 1600 kcal and 20 grams of net carbs. Today was also a workout day and 1600 kcal is a little bit less than I would normally have but I just didn’t have time for more. 


Next Food Friday in a week! 



PS. From next week I won’t be abled to tell you about net carbs because my ShapeUp Club Gold expired today. Lets see what happens now. If anyone has good iPhone app suggestions for counting net carbs, let me know.

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