Workout Week 16.-22.09.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was a super busy day as usually. Late in the evening I had an 8.15 PM BodyPump class. It is by far the most difficult class I take. I’m seriously tired after it. And we have a new routine for 3 months now.

On Tuesday I had a regular strip aerobics class. One hour of dancing and pure fun while sweating like crazy. Love it!

Wednesday was the same as last week: 6 PM body conditioning. It was difficult for sure but I survived. Came home, collapsed into my bed and slept like a baby.

On Thursday I had and 8.15 AM workout class. This time it was a 45 minute core workout. That instructor seriously kills us. No small breaks, just 45 minutes of really intense exercises for stomach, back and overall core. It’s a great way to start the day. After that I had quick breakfast and rushed to the bus station to go home for the weekend. Yay! In the evening made a nice walk with my dog.

Friday can be described as a fail. In the morning I made a regular walk with my dog. The plan was to go swimming in the evening with my mom. We got in a hurry, I had to have my dinner in hurry and we ran to the bus station to get to the city. We made it on time. Got to the pool and the door was locked. Say what?! And then we saw the little sign that said that it is closed today due to an emergency and that they are sorry for that. I had to rush my dinner, run like crazy and waste money on bus tickets and get no workout. Utterly disappointed. So Friday became rest day instead.

On Saturday I was determined to get a good run because my next and second ever running race is in 2 weeks. It’s going to be Tartu Tudengimaraton 10K so a lot more difficult then my regular 7K laps. So I went on my regular 7K with no specific plan. But after the first kilometre RunKeeper told me that my pace was under 7 minutes per kilometre and since I felt awesome, I decided to try and keep my average pace under 7 min/km. And I managed to do that! I didn’t kill myself although it was a bit more difficult. Well ofcourse it was: usually it takes me about an hour, on Saturday it took me a little over 48 minutes so roughly 10 minutes faster per 7K. My average pace was 6:52 min/km (previous best was 7:13). I loved my run. Progress is great!Oh, and did I mention my weight is reducing? Seeing the numbers get smaller every week is such a motivating feeling!

It’s the emotion that counts. Ignore my hair.

Sunday was official rest day. Had an hour long walk with my dog.


In total:

1 hour of running

2 hours of walking

1 hour of dancing

2 hours 45 minutes of muscle workouts

Had an amazing week. Workouts were great, my eating was under control, I felt great and am also progressing in my school work and bachelor’s thesis. Lets hope the trend continues!

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