Workout Week 12.–18.08.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday morning started with a regular walk with my dog. The weather was cool, windy and rainy. In the evening I debated whether to go running or cycling. Decided to go cycling again. It was a generally nice ride but I did get some rain in the last 10 minutes. And it started to get really cold. I should really invest in some long workout leggings…

Tuesday was again an official rest day. That means an hour long walk for me. My knee still hurt from falling on Saturday so it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. Plus we got a seriously strong rainshower during the last 15 minutes of our walk. I had to squeeze my sweater to get all the water out, my sneakers needed a whole day to dry.

Wednesday was Zumba day. We did about half an hour of dancing and then added some muscle exercises for legs, back and abs. And ofcourse I did my regular doggy-walking for half an hour.

On Thursday the crappy weather continued but it cleared up by evening. In the afternoon I did a regular walk, in the evening decided to go for my first run after Narva Energy Run. I thought I was fast and I was: 8 km/h. That’s fast for me although it might be slow for a lot of people.

Friday surprised me with gorgeous weather, it was nice, warm and sunny. But still autumnal. Did a walk with my dog and in the evening jumped on my bicycle. A regular hour of cycling.

Saturday I had to go shopping because I needed long running tights (yay!) and school supplies (not so yay). Found some Nike tights for only 33€ and an Adidas jacket for 23€, so I couldn’t leave that behind. I cycled to the city and back, about 35 minutes in total. In the evening did a 30 minute walk with my doggy.

Sunday was running day. Somehow my legs were total jello and I felt like a snail. But I did not stop or walk so I can be proud. Plus I ate dinner only an hour before workout so I felt the food in my stomach. You should have at least 2 hours between eating and working out. Not a good running day at all. 


In total:

3 hours 30 minutes walking

2 hours 30 minutes cycling

30 minutes Zumba

30 minutes muscle exercises

2 hours of running


It was a good week: 9 hours of moving, no muscle or nerve pain (only my knee and elbow hurt from falling last Saturday) and new workout clothes.

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