Tartu Parkmetsa Run 7K

Tartu Parkmetsa Run started around 1 PM in the afternoon so I had lots of time in the morning to do other things. I slept in, enjoyed my bed and finally got up around 9 AM. Then I did regular morning stuff like showering and eating breakfast and was ready to leave the house around 11.30 AM.


The race destination was around 4 kilometres from my home, so I decided to walk/jog there. Unfortunately the weather was not great: around 6 degrees Celsius and raining. I walked most of the time and jogged for around 10 minutes but since I was carrying a backpack, it started to shake and bounce and it was pretty uncomfortable to run that way. But it was enough to get me a little warmed up.

Right after arriving, I met Elari and Marin. We got our starting materials, chatted and had to pose for some photos for the ISC booth 😀 Me and Marin also did some more warm-up: slow running and running exercises. I also saw lots of people from my running group at TYSK and many people I met in Crossfit in February. During the warm up the back of my left knee, that had been strange all week long, started to hurt more… That made me worry. A lot.

Me and Elari

Soon it was time to wait in the toilet line, give away my backpack and jacket, take some photos and get ready for the start. I was a little nervous, cold and wet from the rain but so ready. My goal was to run a time under 42 minutes (6 minutes per kilometre). That would have been my personal best pace ever.

You can find me by my neon pink shoes 😀 Photo by Anti Aunap


The first kilometre: lots of mud and water. Just when the 1st km was over, I saw Elari passing me. He was actually ill and had told me that he would be taking it easy. Well, I was giving everything I got and he still passed me as if I was standing still 😀

Photo by Aare Tinn
Photo by Aare Tinn

I was going fast (for my personal level of fitness). The pace on first kilometer was just over 5 minutes per kilometer. When RunKeeper told me that, I was amazed. Me and 5 min per km? We hadn’t met before but it sure was a nice 🙂


I was worried that maybe starting too fast would mean finishing weak but I decided to take that risk. I slowed down a little after the first kilometer but I was still waaaaaay ahead of my goal pace.

Around the end of the 4th kilometer was the drinking point. I didn’t really need to drink so I didn’t. It had been raining all the time and parts of the track were really muddy. The worst part was just after the drinking point where I almost stopped because it was so slippery and I didn’t want to land face forward in mud. I also got a little side ache in my tummy but I ignored it and it went away. From there on, it was only 3 km to finish. I kept telling myself that if I made it that far with a really good pace, I can finish it strong.

Photo by R. Reimets
Photo by R. Reimets

I saw lots of familiar faces on the track and that made me happy. I felt my legs getting more tired but I just pushed forward. I managed to speed up on the last kilometre and ran to the finish line with a smile on my face.

38 minutes and 50 seconds. Average pace: 5:29 per kilometre. Happiness, joy and pride.

I outdid myself big time. I didn’t only accomplish my goal but improved my personal best pace (that I ran a week before in the III Virtual Run) by 48 (!!!) seconds per kilometer. And if you compare this 7K to Narva Energy Run last year, I improved my time by 13 minutes and pace by 1 minute and 44 seconds per km.

climb and pace

Parkmetsa 7K

That kind of progress is just so awesome!

Kristel is a blogreader and friend who also trains in our TYSK running group. It was her first race and she did amazing!

Before going home, we had some soup, bread and an apple jam bun (any Estonians know a good English word for saiake?). The food was actually really good. Overall I have nothing bad to say about the events that Treenitus organises, they are always great. On my way home, I felt that me knee was hurting. I decided to give my body a rest day on Sunday just as my coach Maris had suggested.



  • My official time: 38:50
  • Average pace: 5:29 min per km (personal best!)
  • Average speed: 10,93 km/h
  • My position: 259th (out of 376 that finished)
  • My position among women: 81st (out of 168)
  • In my agegroup: 42nd (out of 91)

Now I just absolutely can’t wait for my half-marathon any longer 🙂 Fortunately I have 2 more 10K races before that to prepare myself. Excited to see what more my body can do 🙂

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