Marathon100 III Virtual Run 10K

So on Saturday was another virtual running race again. I decided to do the 10K distance as always. Since the people at had now done a test to compare different running apps and heart rate monitors, they said that everyone using RunKeeper have to run 10,4K since RunKeeper is the most inaccurate app. Bummer! 😦 

I was pretty sure that I was going to be the last one to finish this time because 1) there were only 10 people in the original starting protocol; 2) I had had 5 intense workouts in a row before the race (stupid!!!). Friday was supposed to be an easier workout day but unfortunately I screwed that one up with cycling in strong wind.


I woke up around 8 AM and quickly made some oatmeal porridge to fuel myself. I added milk, water, oats, bran, flaxseed meal, raisins and strawberry preserves. But since it was so early in the morning, I ate it before I took a picture… 

I hit the road for a 600 metre warm-up around just before 10 AM. The weather was a little chilly and windy but sunny and beautiful. I was kind of worried that maybe the food will be sitting in my stomach and give me discomfort but actually porridge before my run was absolutely perfect. I felt great!

After my warm-up I set my RunKeeper up for the race. The first kilometres were kind of boring and pretty difficult: my legs were a little tired and heavy. But man I fast! First kilometre was 5:55 per km –> it sure didn’t feel like it.

III VJ splits

By the 4th kilometre I reached Jõhvi. Running in the city is always more exciting. I always get funny looks from people since we don’t have that much runners here. I got stuck behind a red traffic light twice, that kind of messed up my “flow” but never EVER run on the road with a red light. It’s dangerous.

My legs never actually got this amazing “I’m flying” lightness this time, the lack of rest obviously had a major role. I kept pushing myself and I was pretty fast, going around 6 min per kilometre. Usually 7 minutes per km is an acceptable pace for me. Carbs are rocket fuel! 🙂 I like using rocket fuel.

III VJ climb and pace

Anyway, when I reached Jõhvi Concert House and the city park I was starting my 6th km and it was time to head back home. Later I heard my dad saw me from his car and even honked the horn for me but I had headphones in and didn’t hear anything. The new promenade is a good running track, I’ll be using it more often from now on. I also got pretty hot and sweaty and regretted adding another layer of clothes the last second before leaving the house.

When I reached the city border, I had around 3 more kilometres home. The wind between the fields was pretty strong but I kept telling myself that I can do it. I wondered if I could do the race under an hour but then figured out I would have to speed up a lot and decided to leave that goal for another time.

Somewhere before the 9th kilometre mark I got kind of emotional thinking about my running journey and where my pace has come since last summer. I was running around 8 min per km then, now I was going around 6 min per km. That is such good progress!

Before even noticing, it was time to speed up for the last kilometre and give it my all. I have to admit, it was damn annoying to run another 400 metres when 10K was actually done. I finished a couple hundred metres before my house. All in total I ran a little over 11K that day.

Post-run fuel: kefir, protein powder, stevia, raspberries and black currants.
Post-run fuel: kefir, protein powder, stevia, raspberries and black currants.

When I got home, I refueled with a nice smoothie and then foam rolled every single muscle in my body (well, most of the muscles used for running). I was really really happy with myself. What a great Saturday!

III VJ rada


  • My official time: 1:05:22

  • Official distance: 10K

  • Actual RunKeeper distance: 10,4K

  • Average pace: 6:17 min per km (improved my personal best by 31 seconds per km!)

  • My position: 12 (out of 13 that finished) –> I didn’t finish last, so mission accomplished again

  • My position among women: 7 (out of 8) 

  • In my agegroup: 1st! (the only person in my agegroup again)

 Margit Partei III VJ

I’m so excited for Parkmetsa 7K race on Saturday! Bring it on 🙂

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