Workout Week 24.–30.03.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.


Monday: JJV. 35 minutes of running (about 5K) and around 50 minutes of bodyweight training: planks, abs, lunges, wallsits, stair runs etc. It was hot and intense and I loved it. I found out there’s a lady in or group who is running her 10th (!!!) marathon soon. Respect!

Tuesday: BodyPump. I messed up so much but since it’s a new program, I don’t worry too much. I will have 3 months to learn it 🙂 I even added a tiny bit of weights. Progress.

Image (1) BODYPUMP.png for post 2180

Wednesday: JJV intervals. Before the workout I had had 8 hours of school and my brain was just dead. Also, I was a little sore from previous days. We did around 20 minutes of warm-up (including running exercises), then 3 blocks of intervals. First and third block was 1 minute fast with 3 min slow running repeated 3 times and the second block was 3 min fast with 1 min slow repeated 3 times. Man, this was in-ten-se. And I loved it. After intervals we had about 20 minutes for abs and stretches. I was all sweaty and tired and hungry when we finished. And that’s a good thing!

I was so sure that I would be sore and tired before Thursday‘s BodyPump but actually: I was so energetic that I even increased my weights in biceps. It was an awesome workout and I really got my day started good. Even Maris noticed my pretty heavy weights and praised me 🙂

Friday was the day for a longer and easier run. I had had an intense week and needed to keep things calm, especially when thinking about my super-Saturday. But knowing me, this plan wasn’t exactly the case. I ended up climbing a hill and doing 1K more than was planned. Oh well. The run was difficult at times but in general really therapeutic. Distance: 11,1K, time: 1:19, average pace: 7:07 min per km. I also foam rolled most of my muscles that day.20140328-125340.jpg

Saturday: Nike Training Day. 5 hours of working out: that’s intense. Here’s a quick overview of what we did:

Nike Training Day

When I got to Saku Suurhall, I met Elari right away. Then I got changed into workout gear, did some shopping at the Nike box and just looked around. Soon it was time for action!

The most intense was definitely the first workout. Cardio Energy and NTC Strength were also really good, I was so tired by the end of the 3rd workout. Then it was lunch break and continued with Zumba. The instructors were all amazing but the Zumba people were the best in my opinion. Dance Fusion I didn’t really like, it was too complicated for me. Or maybe I was too tired. BodyART+BodyBalance was also really good, I really enjoyed it.

All in total 3000+ calories were burnt. But I also ate A LOT that day, double or triple my regular amount I think. I was so tired by the end of the day.

Food prep for Saturday: cauliflower, protein waffles, baked ricotta, cheese, nuts. I actually bought more food in the evening since I was starving after the event 😀
Before the event: breakfast before 7 AM and studying in the bus.
At the event. I met Elari again 🙂

In general it was an amazing day and I don’t have enough good words about it. I will be going back next year!

Sunday was rest day. I did one hour of foam rolling. Oh, my leg muscles! Painful. Surprisingly most of my body is just a little sore, nothing massive or deadly but those muscles from my ankles to knees hurt like hell. But I’ve been worse. Hopefully I’m better for tomorrow’s running.

In total:

  • 3 hours of running
  • 4 hours 15 minutes of muscle workouts
  • 1 hour 40 minutes of cardio
  • 1 hour 30 minutes of dancing
  • 2 hours of body and mind workouts


A totally insane week! Look at these number, I just can’t wrap my head around them… 12 and a half hours of workouts?! Hopefully my body can handle it.

Next week will be the second week of my half-marathon training plan. Running (3x), BP (2x) and swimming (2x). As simple as that. Oh, and there’s a III Virtual Run happening on Saturday. 10K is going to be my distance (+ 1K as cooldown to complete my training plan).

First really official race of this year in less than 2 weeks. Eek! I get nervous even thinking about it 🙂

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