Workout Week 3.–9.03.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.


Monday was Jooks Jõud Venitus (Run Strength Stretch) day. All in total 40 minutes of running (distance: 5,9K –> more than last week, average pace 6:57 min per km –> fast for me) and 2 rounds of muscle exercises: planks, wallsits, push-ups, stair runs, lunges, squats etc. We didn’t have time for a third round and I felt that I had more energy left over… Oh, and I met 2 blog readers 🙂

Tuesday was supposed to be BodyPump day but I somehow mixed things up and registered for strip aerobics. And by the time I realised my mistake, the BP class was full 😦 So I was stuck with stripping 😀 The class has gotten kind of boring to me. The same music, the same moves… It’s just not what it used to be for me.

Wednesday was JJV interval training. We did 15 minutes of warm-up, then running exercises and some stretches and then intervals (about 45 minutes), abs and more stretches. About 1 hour and 15 minutes of running all together. My shirt was dripping in sweat which means it was a good workout 🙂

A random selfie shopping. Still loving my oversized sweaters. From 30€ to 5€ – why not buy it :)
A random selfie shopping. Still loving my oversized sweaters. From 30€ to 5€ – why not buy it 🙂

Thursday: a day of something new aka Fitness Interval. On my fitness club’s homepage it’s described as a muscle workout where you switch from station to station to work on different muscle groups. All kinds of equipment is used: dumbbells, bars, step benches, elastic bands, bosu balls etc.   We started off with a quick warm-up, then did 3 rounds of 15 stations and worked on all muscle groups. I was tired and liked the workout.

Friday was finally BodyPump day. It had been over a week since my last one. How did I even survive? IDK. We had one extra ab track, Maris gave me 1+1 extra kilogram for biceps (and I didn’t completely die!) and longer stretching. This workout never fails me.

Saturday was my first race this season: 10K at Marathon100 I Virtual Run. A longer post about that event coming next week. And I had a new running playlist which kept me going.


Sunday: BodyPump. I treated myself to a shopping trip during the day and was very successful: 2 sweaters, new running shoes, new workout top, a book, workout headbands and 3 pairs of socks. Usually I never find anything in regular shops. 🙂 In the evening I had BP with Florian. I have to admit it wasn’t the best BP, it just wasn’t my day. But this saying goes for BodyPump: even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good!

In total:

4 hours 25 minutes of muscle workouts

3 hours 10 minutes of running

1 hour of strip aerobics


Workouts this week were great, I really like doing running and muscles. I feel I’m better with each workout session. Nutrition was more or less OK, still managed to overeat on some days and I’m not happy with that… But what is the worst: my stress levels are way too high and my mood is just down all the time for various reasons. Keep in mind that I talk about a lot of things on my blog but not everything.

I don’t feel like myself anymore. I’m not even going to talk too much about the scales and the tape measure, they are not my friends! 😦 I’m trying to figure out where the equation goes wrong but I just can’t get it. Even if I ate 2000 kcal per day every day, I still shouldn’t GAIN weight with all this exercise. What’s not working here?

I want the happy me back. Right. Now!


I was pretty down all week but today Elari made a post that made me look inside myself for even more motivation. I’m going to fight all the obstacles that life has in store for me. I am not a quitter. I fight and I won’t break. That’s just not an option. Weight keeps gaining? I will get rid of it anyway and accomplish fitness goals on the way there.

I will always come out of everything a winner, even if that means only learning something new about myself. The old me would have gotten depressed and felt bad for herself but that not me anymore. Now the fighter in me comes out. Tell me that I can’t and I will prove you wrong! 🙂

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