Workout Week 10.–16.02.2014

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday wasn’t anything usual. Back to Tartu! I could have gotten a reservation to BodyPump, the class wasn’t full. But I wanted to try something new and exciting, so I picked Fitness+. It’s described as a very intense interval training with simple running and jumping steps, high calorie expenditure and lots of sweat. It’s supposed to improve endurance and lung and heart work. That pretty much sums it up. Man, it was intense! 

On Tuesday I felt a tiny bit sore from Monday. In strip aerobics we had a nice choreography and also mixed in some ab exercises. A good workout in general. Skipping strip aerobics for some weeks really made me enjoy it more again.

Wednesday was the day I had been waiting for 8 weeks. Finally a BodyPump class with Maris! I literally could not wait. She’s an amazing instructor and BodyPump is an amazing workout. Loved every second of it but it was hard! In lunges I even gave up the bar in the end to avoid leg cramps.

Happy girl after BodyPump with Maris :)
Happy girl after BodyPump with Maris 🙂

Thursday: interval running aka fartlek running. You can tell I liked a workout when I do it again. Interval running is one of those workouts. Let’s see if I begin to love it, you’ll know when I start doing it regularly. Pretty much the same plan as last week: 10 min slow, 2+3+4+5+4+3+2 min fast with 2 min steady in between and 15 minutes slow as cooldown. Overall distance (from my pedometer app Moves): 8,6 km; time: 1 hour, average pace: 6:59 minutes per kilometre. 

On Friday I went to an evening BodyPump. Since it was Valentine’s Day, Maris had Florian join us and they had chosen special tracks from old programs (going back to even program 33, right now we’re usually doing program 88). The tracks were all about love and the instructors wore lots of red and pink 🙂 We also did an extra squat track and literally I think it was one of the most difficult BodyPump classes ever. Switching up tracks really makes a difference! And difference is good 🙂

1902709_10152403285388888_1644931784_n 1926774_10152403285173888_532428630_n

Saturday: Zumba party! From 1 to 3 PM we did Zumba at MyFitness in Lõunakeskus. The instructors were Kristi Möldri, Juri Krasnov, Maria Murumets and Pricilla (don’t know the last name, sorry). After the first hour we had a snack break: there was Nutella, rye and wheat bread, coffee, juice, strawberry soy milk… I ate nothing of that high-carb stuff. After we finished with 1 hour and 45 minutes of Zumba, they offered more juice and a fancy whipped cream cake. I just left and didn’t even crave it. The workout was great and the instructors were awesome! But offering Nutella at a fitness event? Come on!

Photo from Maria Murumets
Photo from Maria Murumets

On Sunday I decided to give Pilates another try. I’ve tried it once before but it was really difficult for me since you have to have lots of balance. This time the exercises were a little less complicated and I enjoyed it. I really felt how my muscles got a good workout. A nice ending to my week.


In total:

2 hours 45 minutes of dancing

2 hours 15 minutes of BodyPump

1 hour of running

1 hour of high-intensity aerobics

1 hour of Pilates



In general I really can’t complain about this week. I got my schoolwork started, tried one new workout style, worked on my muscles, had another set of great intervals and enjoyed more dancing than usually. In the beginning of the week my nutrition was still messed up but I’m starting to feel more relaxed and also getting some control over my eating habits. I’m feeling a lot better today emotionally than I did on Thursday for example. Yay for that! 🙂

5 kommentaari “Workout Week 10.–16.02.2014

  1. Ma osalesin ka Tallinna Zumbapeol ja imestasin selle sefiiri ning Nutella üle. Aga mis teha, kui etemaid sponsoreid ei leidnud 🙂 Suutsin samuti kerge vaevaga tordist ja spordijookidest loobuda. See lõhn, mille testreid jagati, on küll nii mõnus, et ma vist premeerin end millalgi sellega. Puma Sync Woman.


  2. Ma ei ole MyFitnessi liige (ainult Zumbapeol olen käinud selles spordiklubide ketis) ja minu koduklubis TÜ Akadeemilises Spordiklubis seda ei pakuta 😦 Aga olen kuulnud, et megahea intensiivne trenn on, aga samas ei sobi just igaühele. Kunagi tahaks ikka ära proovida!


  3. Nutella ja sefiir – täiesti okei valik, näiteks pikamaajooksjad söövad neid, taastab kiiresti energiat 🙂 Alles siin oli artikkel naisest, kes jooksis iga päev ühe maratoni, nutella sai käes!


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