Workout Week 28.10.–3.11.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was BodyPump day. Maris was back! We had a really slow warm-up track so she told us to increase warm-up weights, I had 5+5 kg on my bar. The squat track was one minute longer and it killed my bum. Chest track was also different, back track was the same but we switched the exercises up. Triceps was different, I upped weights from 3 kg dumbbells to 3,5+3,5 kg bar and 5 kg weight in the end. Biceps was also another track, I kept last week’s weights though. I’m getting so much better at lunges! Really happy about that 🙂 For shoulders we had a different track and I did it with 3 kg dumbbells and 5+5 kg bar: it was so so hard but I managed somehow. For stomach we had no weights, just sit ups.

On Tuesday I had a regular strip aerobics class. The same routine as last week, I had it memorized so I could just dance and enjoy.

On Wednesday I went to BodyPump. The same routine as on Monday. Increased weights on chest: good decision. However doing that on triceps: not. Couldn’t finish triceps with normal techniques, the bar was too heavy. Took some weight off for shoulder afterwards. I think I pushed myself too much because 2 hours after workout before bed my heart rate was 10 beats per minute higher than normally. 

Thursday was such a nice day in Tartu. In the afternoon right after school I went running. I had a target pace of 7:30 per kilometre and that’s exactly what I got! Time: 1 hour 2 minutes, distance: 8,28 km. The weather was nice, the sun even peeked through clouds at times, a nice slight wind, some drops of rain… I just wondered the surroundings of River Emajõgi. Loved it!

Thursday’s run

Friday was rest day. Kind of. I had a really busy day with errands to run and lots of studying to do but I really wanted to fit some kind of activity in there. Went for a 1,5 hour powerwalk, about 9,4 kilometres in total. It felt great and got me started for the crazy day.

So an all-time record happened on Friday. That’s a lot of steps.

Saturday began with a morning run on an empty stomach. I would have loved some company but since I didn’t know if I was going to be running in the morning or late at night even on Friday night before going to bed, I couldn’t make any arrangements unfortunately. Distance: 9,1 km. Time: 1:08:43. Average speed: 7:33 minutes per km. I’m facing this dilemma where if I eat about 20 g carbs per day, I lose weight but when I eat 40+ g carbs, I run faster but don’t lose weight really. Need to get to my goal weight to start maintenance phase already!

On Sunday I tried a new workout: kickboxing aerobics. Some people say it’s like BodyCombat but I haven’t ever tried that. It was pretty good and I liked it.


All together:

2 hours of running

2 hours of BodyPump

1 hour 30 minutes of walking

1 hour of kickboxing aerobics

1 hour of dancing

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