Tartu 2. Tudengimaraton 10K

I was nervous about the Tartu 2. Tudengimaraton 10K race the whole week. The closer it got, the more nervous I got. I even had some nightmares about sleeping in and missing the start. Not fun at all. Friday was especially bad: I needed to study hard for my test in International Economics but my mind was just wondering around and I had a pretty though time concentrating.

On Friday I got my starting materials and made a rather lengthy walk.

Saturday morning. Got up at around 9 AM, then just chilled and relaxed and had some breakfast: regular omelett with butter, bacon and cheese and some cabbage and peanuts on the side. And drank a lovely cup of coffee. Then it slowly got to the time to get dressed. Nerves. Went out my door about an hour before the start, just wondered around and enjoyed the vibe. The weather was amazing: about 10 degrees Celsius and sunny all the time.

While I was waiting, I met a fellow blogger Elari (elari-teeb-trenni.blogspot.com, in Estonian only). He was also running the 10K. Soon it was time to get behind the start line and just wait. At 1.30 PM exactly, the race began.

With Elari before start

The first kilometre. Everyone is going so fast. I wonder what my speed and pace are? I see Heidi and Elari passing me, they don’t see me. Oh well. Don’t know my pace. It should be the second kilometre now? Why is my RunKeeper quiet? I check it, it’s fine., I just didn’t hear it. My pace is 6 min/km?! Margit, you need to slow down or you won’t be able to finish.

Photo by K. Kroon
Photo by K. Kroon

Some time before the 5K mark I decided it was too hot and I took my gloves off. At around 5K mark it was the first drinking point. Bananas, bread, raisins, sports drink… Where is water?! Finally, a crew member shouting: “Vesi!” (in English: water!) Thank god. I was not going to be eating/drinking high carb, a race or not.

6K mark. I tell myself to keep going. I know the track well, I love this track, I love this city. My legs are moving fine, my shin splints don’t even let me know they are there. But I wish I hadn’t drank that much water before the race… Well, no time to worry about that.

7,5K. Next drinking point. I’m looking for water. Finally find some in white cups. Almost drank some sports drink… There are big speakers out there and the official cheer person notices that I have a blue number which means I’m a student. He points that out and cheers me. I give him a big smile and thumbs up.

The people by the track are nice all the way from beginning to end. Some clap, some shout to keep going, some just look at runners weird. But I love it when strangers just cheer for you or even just smile a little. 

9th kilometre begins. I feel it getting more difficult. Keep going, Margit! You so can do this. My pace by that time had been around the 7 minute mark at all kilometres when I now check my RunKeeper. On the 9th kilometre it dropped to 7:45 per km. But I kept going. 

Photo by A. Saar
Photo by A. Saar

We’re nearing the city centre. Already?! I was just at the 6K point where some really happy ladies clapped to everyone. Another point with speakers and a cheer person. He says: “850 metres to the finish line!” Really? I’m almost done?

I can already see Raekoja plats (City Hall square). Then I notice Elari by the track. He has already finished and is heading home. I wave to him and he cheers me to keep going. I add some speed and even pass by some people. The last 50 metres. A red carpet. I’m running and notice Heidi at the finish line, waiting for me. I cross the finish line. 

It’s over.

Then me and Heidi wanted to take some pictures. We did. We were both happy with our results, she mahanged to get a time under 1 hour which is just fantastic. After the really short photosession we went and had our diplomas printed. Diploma, medal… And a feeling that makes you feel on top of the world.

Me and Heidi right after I finished



  • My official time: 1:11:21

  • My RunKeeper time: 1:11:16 (and distance came to 10,21 km)

  • Average pace: 6:59 min per kilometre (personal best for 10K)

  • Average speed: 8,59 km/h

Tartu 2. Tudengimaraton (only students):

  • My position: 56 (out of 64)

  • My postition among women: 24 (out of 30)

  • In my agegroup: 14 (out of 20)

Tartu Sügisjooks 2013 (all 10 K runners):
  • My position: 760 (out of 992)

  • My postition among women: 313 (out of 485)

  • In my agegroup: 140 (out of 204)

I had a goal to get an average pace of 7:30. I did so much better than I thought I would! I got a diploma and a medal and I’m so so so happy right now!

Now that was a sports competition I loved. Unlike Narva Energy Run that gave me negative emotions, this was so much better. Maybe I just knew what to expect now and didn’t really care if I found old friends etc being better than me. 

I outdid my self big time. I’m proud and happy and looking forward to upcoming races in the future.

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