Workout Week 9.–15.09.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was my first time in Tartu doing BodyPump. I knew the instructor Maris Tamm from previous AeroBurn Step classes. She kills it every single time. I love her style: she recommends weights, gives easy to understand instructions and doesn’t overcomplicate things. The only thing after BodyPump I could think about was how sore I’m going to be on Tuesday. After class I needed some food so I grabbed some white cabbage. Love that stuff as a snack. Went over by 5 net carbs that day because of the cabbage but who has gained weight because of cabbage? I hope I won’t be the first one. 

Tuesday is my favourite workout day because I just adore our strip aerobics class. An hour of dancing and having lots of fun. I’m getting more confident in my body with every class and more actively shaking every part of my body. Love it, love it, love it!

On Wednesday I had yet another body conditioning class. I was still sore from BodyPump abd the class wasn’t easy. Felt really tired afterwards and went bed already at 10 PM. 

Thursday morning started bright and early with an 8 AM core workout. After that I rushed to the bus station. Weekend at home – yay! After getting off the bus I made a 20 minute walk to the next bus station to catch a bus from city to home. In the evening made a lovely 30 minute walk with my dog.

Friday was official rest day. Weather was still warm and summery, so I made a nice 1 hour walk with my dog.

On Saturday I had a certain plan to go running after stepping on the scale in the morning and finally seeing numbers I like again. It was kind of hard getting my ass off of the couch but I finally did it. And the first 2,5 km were difficult! But then it got better and I ended up with a great average pace of 7:21 minutes per kilometer. I was happy. Progress is good!

Sunday was the second rest day of the week. Again, I made an hour long walk with my dog. It was lovely. 


In total:

2 hours 50 minutes of walking

1 hour of running

1 hour of dancing

2 hours 45 minutes of muscle workout


Had a great week and enjoyed myself. Let’s keep that trend going!

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