Chocolate coconut panna cotta

This chocolate coconut panna cotta a great low carb dessert which is also simple to make. Panna cotta in Italian actually means cooked cream but this recipe doesn’t require cooking or cream. But here it is! Makes 5 servings.


What do you need?

  • 180 g of Greek yogurt (mine was 8% fat)

  • 400 g of coconut milk

  • 20 g of dark cocoa powder

  • 15 g of coconut flakes

  • 15 g of gelatine (depending on your gelatine you might need more or less, read the label for sure!)

  • water for the gelatine

  • sweetener to taste

  • vanilla or rum or almond extract (optional)


How to make it?

First of all, take your gelatine and mix it with some water. Read the label on the packet of the gelatine and follow the instructions on there. Every brand is a little different. Leave it to absorb the water.

While the gelatine is absorbing, take a mug-type mixing bowl (I actually used a measuring cup). Why a mug-type cup? It makes it easier to later pour the mixture into molds you’ll be serving the panna cottas from. Now add your coconut milk and yogurt and mix very well.

Now add the dark cocoa. Be careful not to pour it in too fast or you’ll be covered in it (mistake made often in my kitchen). Whisk it in really well, make sure there are no lumps.

Now the mixture should look something like this:

Now add in about 10 grams of coconut flakes (and the extracts if you want). It gives the panna cotta some texture that I personally love. You can skip this step if you want to.

Now it’s time to melt the gelatine. I microwave it for a minute or two and stir while melting. It has to have to lumps, it needs to be all liquid. Start adding it in teaspoon at a time because it is hot and could ruin your panna cottas if added in all at once. Whisk well after adding each teaspoon of gelatine.

Now your mixture is ready. Take something your going to serve your panna cottas from. I used whisky glasses. I picked out 6 glasses but only ended up using 5 of them.

Pour your mixture into the glasses.

Now they are ready to set in the fridge. Keep them there for at least 3 hours but preferrably overnight.

Take your panna cottas out of the fridge and decorate. I used to remaining 5 grams of coconut flakes, roasted hazelnuts and small strawberries. 



What about nutrition?

The whole recipe is 961 kcal, 32 g of protein, 19 g of carbs (9 g of fiber, so 10 g net carbs), 91 g of fat.

If divided into 5 servings, 1 serving contains 192 kcal, 6,4 g of protein, 3,8 g of carbs (2 g of net carbs), 18,2 g of fat.

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