Workout Week 5.–11.08.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was a really really hot day so in the daytime I did my regular 30 minute walk with my dog. I literally had to wait until 8.30 PM to go outside and work out. Decided to cycle for an hour since that gives me a little bit of wind and doesn’t kill me as bad in the heat.

On Tuesday I did a longer walk with my dog since it was official rest day. In the afternoon we realised we needed some groceries and since the car is broken, we took our backpacks and went grocery shopping with bicycles. People thought we’re crazy but what can you do, right. 

Wednesday was the day of my last run before the race on Saturday. I was slow but not terribly slow. I postboned the run until 8.30 PM because of the hot and sunny weather, I really didn’t want to mess with my muscles before the race. Besides that I did a regular half an hour walk in the afternoon, it was so hot my dog really didn’t want to walk… He almost stopped half way there and looked at me like I was some kind of criminal. But we made it home eventually. 

On Thursday the heatwave continued. Me and my dog died on our regular walk and I was so happy I didn’t have a running-day. In the evening I did an hour of all over exercises for my muscles. Last workout before Narva Energy Run.

Friday. Last day before Narva Energy Run. Nerves, a lot of nerves. Maybe not A LOT but still. They were kicking in. Had an hour long walk with my dog, got soaked in rain and then the heat came back and I was dry y the time I got home. Prayed that it wasn’t so hot on Saturday.

Saturday was Narva Energy Run 7K. Post all about that coming in a couple of days!

After finishing the 7K

Sunday was a day of rain weather. It cleared up by evening so I decided to do a nice little bikeride. The first 10 minutes were great and then the rain started. And continued for the next 50 minutes until I got home again. I was soaked but hey: at least it wasn’t hot, right?


In total:

2 hours of running

2 hours 45 minutes of cycling

1 hour all over exercises

4 hours of walking


A normal week, besides my first running race.

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