Workout Week 8.–14.07.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was technically rest day so I just had an hour long walk with my dog.

Tuesday I did a regular 30 minute walk and then went running for an hour. It was a really good run until I was attacked by a big dog. I have been attacked previously so I was really really upset after that so the last kilometre of my run was a walk because I couldn’t run after the incident. I also lost my expensive headphones on the way somehow. Basically I was on my last kilometre and then I saw a big black dog jump over the fence and run toward me. I stopped and just stood there, not moving even my eyes. It went away, came back, went away, came back… Just barked at me, angry. I was so afraid it was going to jump in my face. Fortunately the owner eventually came and took the dog. He wasn’t even sorry! I screamed in his face pretty much. Not proud about that but I was shaking all over my body. Now I can’t run there anymore. So I had to look for another 7K lap. Finally I found one. I shoud start carrying pepper spray or something…

Wednesday had my regular walk and Zumba class. 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was travelling and volunteering on the small island of Kihnu, far away from home. Thursday would have been restday anyways, I was exhausted when we finally got to the island after a day of travelling with 3 buses and a boat. Friday and Saturday I couldn’t work out because we had no time for that, however my working days were long, I had to walk quite the bit and stand on feet all day long. Sunday was travelling back home again and in the evening I went running on my new lap that is kind of boring but safer when it comes to dogs running around. Had really sore legs from working on previous days.

So in total I had only 3 work out days. That is way too little for me.


In total:

2 hours of walking (+ a lot on the island)

2 hours of running

1 hour of Zumba


Not a great week at all. Hopefully next week is better.

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