Food Friday 5.07.2013

On Food Fridays I will tell you everything I ate that day. No matter if it is a good day or not – you will see it all. 



Brunch (11.30 AM)

I had a really long day on Thursday and got to bed 30 minutes past midnight which is very late for me. So I slept till 10 AM and had to walk the dog so breakfast actually became brunch at almost noon.

Instead of my regular breakfast I added my lunch-time ricotta snack to my brunch since I knew I wouldn’t have any time for lunch during the day.

Main breakfast:

  • 2 eggs

  • 20 g of sour cream

  • 30 g of cheese

  • 10 g of homemade mayo (blog post with recipe here)

  • 20 g of bacon

  • one homegrown cucumber

  • one homegrown tomato


  • 100 g of ricotta

  • 20 g of sour cream

  • 5 g of cocoa

  • sweetener


Snack (3 PM)

As a snack I had a piece of cheese and salami sausage, didn’t have the time to take a picture.

Dinner (7.30 PM)

  • 200 g of stewed broccoli-cauliflower with cream and cheese

  • 20 g of homemade mayo

  • 175 grams of ovenbaked chicken

  • 2 home made protein balls (blog post coming soon!)

  • 10 g of smoked white fish (not on the picture)

  • 3 almonds


Nutrition facts of today

About 1600 kcal.


Next Food Friday in a week!


PS: Next week Food Friday might be late because I will be on an island and I’m not sure about WIFI availability.

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