What is oopsie-bread?

Yesterday I got asked what is oopsie-bread. Well really… It is not bread. But it is a great substitute for some recipes. I have made sweet and savoury versions of oopsie-bread.

Here are regular oopsies topped with sesami seeds and pizza flavouring. 

 Here I used a regular oopsie without any toppings for a salmon sandwich:

Here I have sweet oopsies. Into the regular batter I added dark cocoa powder, sugar substitute and blueberries. It tasted like cookies and cake mixed together. Pretty good, right?


How are they made?

Oopsie-bread is pretty much the simplest recipe. You need:

  • 3 eggs

  • 100 grams of cream cheese (any kind will do, I use Farmi Light because it is cheap)

  • baking powder, about a teaspoon

  • a bit of salt

To make them, first of all you beat the 3 egg whites to stiff peaks with the salt, you can use a mixer. Make sure you don’t get egg yolks in the whites before whisking! Then it won’t be as stiff as needed.

Then in a separate bowl you cream together the 3 egg yolks with baking soda and cream cheese. You can use an electrical mixer for that as well. Then if you want to add cocoa etc, add them to the yolk-cream cheese mixture. Then gently (!) fold the whites in the yolk mixture. And you are ready to bake!

I usually divide the batter into 12 little mountains onto the baking sheet. Make sure you use wax paper, otherwise they will stick. Or you can just pour it onto the wax papered baking sheet, bake them and them cut into pieces. You need to bake oopsies for 30 minutes in a 150C oven.


What about nutrition facts?

The regular batter (without seeds, toppings, cocoa etc) contains: 398 kcal, 28 g of protein, 5 g of carbs, 30 g of fat.
If divided into 12 little breads, 1 contains: 33 kcal, 2,3 g of protein, 0,4 g of carbs, 2,5 g of fat.
NB! The nutrition facts depend on your cream cheese. The Farmi Light has 183 kcal, 9 g of protein, 4 g of carbs, 15 g of fat per 100 grams of product. You can use a non-light product, that’s actually what the original LCHF theory says. I just get the cheapest one and it happens to be Light.


Any recommendations?

Try putting your oopsies into the toaster. They get crispy and almost feel like cookies.

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