My workout routine

First of all I have to say: I really don’t have a specific routine.

I work out 5 times a week. Usually one of those times is zumba. Zumba is a dance fitness program. My best friend is an instructor so I take her class once a week, usually on Wednesdays. The other 4 workouts are either an hour of cycling, an hour of running, an hour of tennis.

Pretty basic.

An hour of running equals 7,2 kilometres (4,5 miles) for me. So it is basically jogging not running. I run outside.

An hour of cycling is 17 kilometres (10,5 miles). Nothing special about that. Just keep your legs moving and you are fine. NB! The first couple of times you might encounter serious butt pain the next day.

An hour of tennis is a bit more complicated because I need someone to play with me, I can’t do it all alone. Usually I play with my dad. Fortunately we have a tennis court 200 metres from my house. I really suck at tennis but as long as I am moving, it’s all good.

Rain or sun – if it’s workout day, I will go outside and do my thing. But you have to have the right clothing! Or shoes and socks I should say. If I wear the wrong shoes or socks, I will get foot pain and blisters. Make sure you don’t do more bad than good when working out. It is really worth investing in well known brands when it comes to workout gear, they really hold up well and are worth the money. Example: my last Nike running shoes held up for 7 years!

If you want a post with pictures and more about workout clothes/shoes, let me know.

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