Food Friday 28.02.2014

On Food Fridays I will tell you about everything I ate that day. No matter if it is a good day or not: you will see it all. 


It’s been a crazy week. Every second that I wasn’t in school or working out I’ve been working on getting my new page up. That means setting everything up, making things pretty, importing all of my previous posts from Blogger and then reformatting all of those 140 posts since the format were all messed up. Sleep time: about 4–5 hours. Today I took the time to sleep in and got up after noon so that automatically ment skipping one meal and also why the eating times are so weird. 


1st meal: 2.30 PM 

  • 130 grams of broccoli

  • 150 grams of cabbage

  • 30 grams of cheese

  • 65 grams of 10% cream

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 1 tablespoon of butter

  • 200 grams of roasted chicken


2nd meal: 7.30 PM 

  • 150 grams of Greek yogurt

  • teaspoon of dark cocoa

  • 250 grams of cauliflower

  • 25 grams of sunflower seeds

  • 1 slice of smoked ham


Nutritional information 




In total about 1400 kcal and OK macros. A weird day but hey: things sometimes just happen.

Next Food Friday in a week!

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