50 random facts about me

  1. My name was chosen to match my brother’s name Margus.

  2. I have only one sibling, a brother 3 years older than me.

  3. I’m 167 cm tall.

  4. I was born on the 27th of February 1992.

  5. I’m a Pisces and the description about the sign is pretty accurate for me.


  6. I love photography but can’t pose normally on any pictures (except when I take them myself with a timer or with my phone).

  7. In 7th grade on my school’s sports day I fell down a small steep hill and broke my collar bone in front of the whole school. It’s the only bone I’ve ever broken.

  8. I was never afraid of blood, darkness, small spaces etc as a kid but now I don’t really like seeing blood and needles and I’m a little chlaustrophobic.

  9. I had braces for some years in middle school.

  10. I didn’t drink coffee or tea before starting with LCHF. I quit them again in October-November 2013.


  11. I’ve never done drugs.

  12. I’ve never smoked a cigarette or anything with nicotine ever in my life.

  13. The first time I got drunk I was 16. Bad decision.

  14. I never liked sports as a kid. I hated PE classes.

  15. I tend to be quiet and shy around people I haven’t known for long time. It takes time for me to open up.

  16. I never really had talents: I didn’t sing, dance, paint, do sports etc. My only talent in school was cooking (when we had cooking classes in middle school, I rocked them).

  17. I absolutely adore travelling but often can’t afford it.

  18. I can speak Estonian and English almost fluently and a little bit of German and Russian.

  19. I really want to start studying Swedish. I love that language and Sweden.

  20. My favourite colour is grass green.

  21. I tend to overthink and overcomplicate things.

  22. The same goes for overplanning.

  23. I was a straight A student. 

  24. I graduated with a gold medal (Estonians will know what that is) and am proud of it!

  25. I lived in the same place for the first 19 years of my life until I moved to Tartu for university. I still visit my parents’ house very often and consider it my real home.

  26. I love my family endlessly. 

  27. I don’t have a lot of friends. But the ones I have are amazing.

  28. I used to stress about what other people thought of me and always wore make-up and paid extra attention to clothing. Now I don’t really care what others think.

  29. I’m not religious.

  30. I hate people who are late all the time. OK, hate is a strong word. I personally don’t like being late, I really dislike that.

  31. I love making plans and sticking with them.

  32. I used to be extremely afraid of moths (in Estonian: ööliblikad). Now things are better but I’d rather not see them. Ever again.


  33. I can overreact on things too easily.

  34. I don’t like messy spaces. My room and my things have to be in order. 

  35. I also don’t like to eat in too dark places or in a messy kitchen.

  36. I still use a regular paper planner although I have modern gadgets.

  37. I hate rushing. I’d rather be up too early in the morning then rush.

  38. I’m single.

  39. The one reason why I won’t go paleo is cheese. I love every kind of cheese, any time of the day.


  40. Sometimes I eat coconut oil straight out of the jar.

  41. I used to be addicted to nuts and overeat them evey time but now I’m getting better at portion control.

  42. I love watching health and weight shows (Supersize vs Superskinny, Secret Eaters etc) but also cooking shows (My Kitchen Rules) and cake shows like Cake Boss on TLC (although I don’t eat cake anymore…)

  43. My dream travel destination is New York City.

  44. My next big goal is to run a half marathon.


  45. I used to hate running. Cooper’s test was my worst enemy. Now I laugh when I think about it.

  46. I used to hate studying in the library. I like studying at home where I can sit, lay in the bed or on the floor while studying. But home is also distracting so I’ve started to like libraries more recently.

  47. I used to be a natural blonde as a kid but then gradually my hair got darker. Now I dye it even darker.

  48. I’ve always loved drinking water.


  49. I really believe that if you write your goals down, you will find a way to make them happen. It’s not the same if their just in your head; have them written down.

  50. If I find a way how to tie my education in economics and my interest in sports and healthy lifestyle together in a career path somehow, that would be the best thing ever.

4 kommentaari “50 random facts about me

  1. Nii armsad faktid ja nii armas oled! 🙂 Su blogi on ka totaalne inspiratsiooniallikas, loen ja imestan alati… Ise külastasin esimest korda elus Stockholmi, kui olin 16a ja otsustasin, et “kunagi tahan ma siin elada, nii ilus linn ja väga lahe keel ja nii toredad inimesed jne”. No läks palju aastaid, aga nüüd elan juba üle poole aasta Stockholmis, rootsi keel hakkab vaikselt külge jääma ja ütlen ausalt – üks parematest otsustest elus! 😀


  2. Ahjaa, seda ka veel, et lihtsalt kohutavalt palju fakte meil Sinuga on sarnased 🙂 Juust ja kord vs korralagedus jne. Ainult et mina ei ole kunagi osanud väga hästi kokata, sest pole olnud võimalust seda õppida. Aga kõik, mis ma kokkan oma maitse järgi, ongi siis õnneks enda jaoks parim :)Kui Stockholmi peaksid tulema, siis loodan, et kohtume! :)(kuigi ma siin veel anonüümselt esinen, olen ka selline tagasihoidlikum tüüp… )


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