Workout Week 25.11–1.12.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday: BodyPump. This time we finally did program no 87 since we only have a couple of weeks until a new program comes in. I increased my squat and chest weights. I’m currently at:

  • Warm up: 3,5+3,5 kg bar

  • Squats: 8,5+8,5 kg bar

  • Chest: 6+6 kg bar

  • Back: 6+6 kg bar

  • Triceps: 3 kg dumbbell, 5 kg weight

  • Biceps: 3+3 kg dumbbells, 3,5+3,5 kg bar

  • Lunges: 5+5 kg bar

  • Shoulders: 3+3 kg dumbbells, 5+5 kg bar

  • Abs: 5 kg weight

Tuesday: strip aerobics. Basically the same routine as last week. I still really enjoy the class and have lots of fun but somehow I’m starting to think about switchig this class for something else…

Wednesday was body conditioning day, we did exercises with our own bodyweight and dumbbells. It was pretty difficult, sweat was pouring down my face on numerous occasions. But I can feel that I’m so much better at that class than I was a couple of months ago. I think BodyPump has a lot to do with that. Progress is good!

slow progress better than none

Thursday was in general a really busy and tiring day. At noon I had a BodyPump class with Maris. We did triceps, biceps and shoulders all in one row and then added lunges to that. That was intense! I also added 1+1 kg for the back track. 

Friday was such an awesome day (when it comes to working out, the rest was work, work and some more work). I got up bright and early and went for a run. During the night it had SNOWED and there were negative degrees outside! I had never ever before run in such conditions and I loved it. I had to be careful not to fall, though… I ran 3 laps around the Anne Channel in Tartu, in total 8K and an hour or so. I was slow at 7:50 min/km but I absolutely enjoyed myself and that’s far more important to me right now. I saw ducks and other birds on the beach, some fishermen, runners and a senior gentleman winter swimming (!!!) in the channel. Everything was perfect.

Saturday was exactly the same as Friday: 1 hour of running (8K). But the weather was so cold! About –10 degrees Celsius and I only had my regular thin running tights on since I don’t have anything warmer here in Tartu (winter stuff is at my parents’ house aka real home). There was even a thin layer of ice on the channel. There weren’t many cars or people on the streets, only when I finished my run at around 9.30 AM, I started to see some people moving around (and some runners).

Sunday was Zumba day and officially the beginning of Christmas-time since it was the Advent Sunday. Tartu is such an amazing place around this time of the year. It’s just magical around here! 🙂 I will add some pictures I took last year and one photo from this Sunday (the last photo).


In total:

3 hours of muscle workout

2 hours of running

2 hours of dancing


It was good week, nothing special but also not a bad week. Next week will be interesting, I’m looking forward to stepping on the scales over 3 weeks. Excited but nervous as well.

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