Workout Week 2.–8.09.2013

In Workout Week posts I will tell you everything about my last week’s workouts.

Monday was my last day at my real home aka my parents’ house. A lot of packing in a sad mood. I love my home so much, I didn’t want to leave again. In the evening made an hour long walk with my dog. My last walk with him in 2 weeks…

Tuesday was extremely busy. Woke up at 7, on the bus by 8, in Tartu by 10.30. Then I was running around town all day long: had to get my books from the library, get my gym membership renewed, do grocery and house goods shopping, unpack all my things and then rush to strip aerobics class. I’m not going to mark down walking in my workout summary table anymore unless it is really going out for a walk, I’m not going to put down the walking I did during the day (on Tuesday nearly 15 000 steps). The strip aerobics was great as usual. Then I got home and finally had time to eat and went to bed at 10.30 PM. I was exhausted.

On Wednesday I had a lot less walking to do. Thank god, my legs were still tired. In the evening I did a free weights class (or I don’t know how you would call it in English). The homepage of my gym says it’s a body conditioning class. We basically do exercises for all major muscle groups with various things like rubber bands, dumbbells, step benches etc, sometimes even only with a mat (the instructor sometimes does the class without fancy fitness things so that we can do the exercises at home too). 

Thursday was pretty much the same workout as Wednesday but it’s called Functional Workout for some reason. I was so sore from Wednesday’s workout I wanted to die. Besides that I went thrift shopping which gave me exactly 10 000 steps. Got a lot of great stuff, like pyjama pants for 0,5€ and a lovely Nike sports jacket for 0,4€ (!!!). The thift shops in Tartu on Kuperjanovi street are awesome: you can find incredible deals, the value of a euro is now different in my eyes.

Friday was official rest day. Finally! Sore as hell. In the evening I went for a walk. I wanted run but told myself my muscles need a rest day. Good decision. 

After my walk on Friday, happy as hell in my 0,4€ Nike jacket 😀

Saturday was running day! Yes, finally. The first time running in Tartu. I just started running and decided to see where the road leads me. I ended up on the Ihaste road. The weather was wonderful, I felt great and just ran and ran and ran. I ran 10K for the 2nd time in my life. I was proud! My average pace was 7:37 per kilometre which is great for me even on short distances not to mention a long distance of 10K. I felt so good after running. I finally felt like myself again: no more of this bad mood, tired muscles and extremely bad physical performance. Happiness feels great! I’m excited to step on the scale at home next week.

Sunday was supposed to be Zumba day but the instructor fell ill and the class was cancelled. So I went to yoga for the first time in my life. It was actually nice: a lot of stretching and breathing and relaxing. A good way to end a week. I think doing a yoga class is really useful sometimes, helps you stretch those muscles.


In total:

2 hours of walking

1 hour 17 minutes of running

1 hour of dancing

2 hours of muscle exercises

1 hour of yoga


A good week for me. I’m happier, my muscles feel better, my mind is calmer and more focused, I had a good run after so many bad ones. The only thing I really don’t have a clue about is my weight. At home I weighed myself Saturday mornings before breakfast. Here I weigh myself in the evenings before working out. So you can’t really compare those numbers. The moment of truth comes next Saturday. 

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