Food Friday 9.08.2013

On Food Fridays I will tell you everything I ate that day. No matter if it is a good day or not – you will see it all.


So this Friday was very different from my usual plan. We decided to celebrate my mother’s birthday. So I knew in advance that it was going to be a huge eating fest but since I have a running race on Saturday, I ofcourse couldn’t binge even if I wanted to. But since I estimated my dinner and found it was going to be about the same as my daily calories, I decided to not have breakfast or lunch during the day.

I thought about carbing up before the race and eating homemade bread and cake Friday night but decided not to. Kind of. I made a totally LCHF-friendly cheesecake, though. I’m not sure about Saturday morning, I might eat some bread with my regular breakfast or have porridge or some cake. The carbs make me gain (water) weight but they also make me run so much faster. So I might carb up a little bit but no huge carboloading! The distance (7K) doesn’t require too much carbs.

I obviously didn’t weigh my food at a birthday party but I did mark down everything I ate. My “eyescale” is pretty good so it should be quite accurate.

Snacks before dinner

  • 10 g seeds

  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

  • about 20 g of cheese


Dinner (5.30 PM)

  • 100 g of vegetable salad

  • 100 g of cheese-cabbage-walnut salad with mayonnaise

  • 275 g of pork 

  • 4 small sausages

  • half of homemade rye bread portion (that 13 g of carbs messed up my carbs but that’s OK)

  • LCHF cheesecake (10 g of total carbs) (recipe coming soon!)


In total about 1750 kcal. If I hadn’t had the piece of bread (it was delishious!), my carbs would have been around the 22 grams mark. So you can totally have a party and follow LCHF, I just decided to have a little bread and have more power and run faster tomorrow 🙂


Next normal Food Friday in a week!

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